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Organised Crime profits under threat by new law?

2 January 2014 6 comments


Cannabis now legal in Colorado



Legalised possession of marijuana?! Shock! Horror! Moral outrage and hairy-chest-beating!!!

According to Bloomberg Businessweek, organised crime makes anywhere from U$45 billion to US$110 billion per annum on selling weed. This will impact heavily on Organised Crime revenue.

No doubt, the Mafia, Chinese Tongs, Yakuza, S.P.E.C.T.R.E, et al, will support moralists who demand that marijuana be criminalised and banned again.

After all, how will decent (*cough!*), hard-working (*rolls eyes*), crims be able to earn a crust if their products are legalised willy-nilly, without a thought for their economic well-being?! Do Colorado law-makers know how expensive it is to buy and maintain the latest pimp-mobile? And those Enforcers  don’t come cheap when you’re making war on other drug-gangs or collecting drug-debts!

If this keeps up, organised crime will suffer financially and lose profits.

And we can’t have that now, can we?

(Note: considerable quantities of irony and sarcasm were used to write this blogpost.)





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