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The Virus, the Politician, and the gang member







The claim from NZ First Leader, and former MP, Winston Peters, was stunning: Harry Tam and an unknown woman had breached Auckland’s containment boundaries with falsified documents and headed north.

He told Newshub Nation host, Simon Shepherd on 9 October:

“This person came here with a gang member assigned essential worker status, falsified the reason she was coming.

[She] engaged with people at a hotel in Whangarei… and went to a marae up north which hid her from the public and dare I say it, the police. The police got a warrant to arrest her.

How he got up north, that is very difficult to understand in terms of the permit system, but he brought in, under false premises, this woman with him. The rest, sadly, is catastrophic.

I am absolutely certain of my sources, otherwise I wouldn’t be saying what I’m saying.

Let them deny it, and they won’t. But when the press was told yesterday at 6:30pm by Minister Hipkins that he didn’t, that simply wasn’t true. Frankly, we will never get through this crisis if we aren’t transparent and honest.”

An uncomfortable-looking Simon Shepherd was obviously taken aback by Mr Peters’ alllegations and perhaps he was quickly calculating how far he could go to obtain more details from the former NZ First leader.

This blogger could only guess that the show’s producer may have had their finger hovering over the Big Red Button to cut quickly to an ad break.

The allegations were serious: Mr Peters had accused gang leader, Harry Tam, of a serious crime. He wasn’t presenting his allegations as opinion, they were stated as fact:

How he got up north, that is very difficult to understand in terms of the permit system, but he brought in, under false premises, this woman with him […]

I am absolutely certain of my sources, otherwise I wouldn’t be saying what I’m saying.

Harry Tam denied Mr Peters’ allegation:

“If Winston said it, he needs to prove it… If he’s not going to apologise, we will need to look at legal action. I didn’t bring anyone with me. Where did he get his information from? What is his source?”

As reported by Te Ao Maori News:

Tam told Te Ao Māori News, Peters was off the mark, while he had travelled to Tāmaki under a government exemption to support efforts to get gang members vaccinated, he travelled alone and had never been to Northland since arriving in Auckland.

It would be difficult for someone as well know as Harry Tam to have been moving around Auckland without being spotted by members of the public.

His cellphone would have been picked up by cellphone towers around the region, making his whereabouts ridiculously easy to ascertain.

According to how Police are wording their search for the “other woman”, it is apparent that both travellers are women.

Harry Tam is known to be a male.

There will be fallout for Winston Peters.

His wild claims not only put himself up for being sued – but TV3/Newshub is also in the firing line.

It is eerily similar to various pro-Trump conspiracy theorists who have been sued by companies for alleging that their voting machines were “rigged” in favour of  Joe Biden:



If it is correct that Mr Peters obtained his “information” from Facebook or via a conspiratorial email currently being circulated, he may be in for a shock. Such sources usually do not carry much weight in a Court of law:



This may well have been Mr Peters last appearance on any mainstream media – at least for a live interview. No media outlet will want to risk a lawsuit because of his unpredictability with extravagant, potentially defamatory, claims.

It’s a tough day at the office when a politician’s credibility falls below that of a gang member.

I hope the 24 hours news-cycle notoriety was worth it, Mr Peters?





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  1. GreenBus
    11 October 2021 at 8:31 am

    Harry Tam is well known and would have been spotted up North if he was there. The cops would have known and the locals too. This has got to be fantasy. Winston has made another dodgy allegation and needs to front up some actual evidence or lose credibility if he has any left. I will always be grateful for Winston going with Labour to get rid of National in 2017 but this looks like utter bullshit.

    • 11 October 2021 at 2:42 pm

      Have to agree 100%, GreenBus. There’s just no way any of it could’ve been true and since Saturday media have reinforced that Police were searching for two women, not a man and woman.

      He’s shot himself in the foot, well and truly.

      It’s a bad day for politicians when they end up looking worse than members of the gang fraternity. This will not have helped NZ First’s chances of boosting public support.

    • Priss
      11 October 2021 at 2:48 pm

      Peters has either made a Simeon Brown rare mis-step, or onset dementia is finally presenting signs.

      Either way, it’s time he retired gracefully. Him and John Key. Both well past use-by dates.

    • 21 October 2021 at 2:48 pm

      Update: the threat of legal action has resulted in Mr Peter’s having to apologise.

      Although it was a lukewarm apology when one reads the actual text.


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