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Whalers go gunning for Whaleoil

29 January 2014 5 comments


whaleoil cyber attack

Source: Radio NZ – Blogger believes death threats from West Coast


On Radio NZ’s “Checkpoint” this morning, poor ole right wing blogger and Sultan of Sleaze, Cameron Slater,  was painting himself as the “victim of bullies”;

Oh, the irony and hypocrisy… *shakes head*

He obviously still does not understand that if you attack, denigrate, and abuse people – that eventually he will strike someone who will hit back. Hard.

Karma is not a mystical thing. It is humans getting pissed off.

That he doesn’t understand this simple aspect of human nature reaffirms in my mind that Slater doesn’t understand people. The term psychopath comes to mind.

Or just plain arsehole.


Folks should lay off the death threats. We know that Slater is a foolish little man who acts in a repulsive manner – but death threats are not cool. (That’s if the “death threats” are real, and not an attempt by Slater to garner sympathy and headlines. We’ll see if he goes ahead with the police complaint.)

Still – death threats. Not cool.




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