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Death threats made to rightwing blogger?


Cameron Slater



As the heat goes on right-wing blogger Cameron Slater, Jason Ede, John Key, and Judith Collins as a result of Nicki Hager’s book, “Dirty Politics“, Slater has  alleged being the victim of a hate campaign himself;


Cameron Slater -  Death threats over 'Dirty Politics' - TV3 - Nicky Hager - Whaleoil - Jason Ede - John Jey



“‘Cos I’ve got a torrent of death threats as a result of Mr Hager’s book…”

Regarding Slater’s claims, I have these observations to offer;

1. Police

Threatening someone’s life is a criminal offence. Instead of discussing it over the airwaves (and thereby giving ‘oxygen’ to the alleged offenders), one would have thought to take the matter directly to the Police.

Airing this over the airwaves doesn’t achieve much except give credence to suggestions that Slater is “crying wolf” and trying to garner sympathy for himself.

2. If the allegations are true?

Death threats are very, very uncool.

For one thing, it takes us down to Slater’s faecal-pile level.

Secondly, Slater has a family who are in no way responsible for his anti-social activities. We don’t blame kids for living in poverty-stricken families – no-one should  be stressing his children and partner with vile threats of violence and invitations to self-harm.

3. If the allegations are false?

If Slater is fabricating these allegations (which I believe to be the case), he will not take a complaint to the Police. He knows full well that there exists a criminal charge called “wasting Police time“;

In New Zealand, one can be charged under Section 24 of the Summary Offences Act 1981 for committing either of the following acts:

  • Making, or causing to be made, to a police employee any allegation of an offence “contrary to the fact and without a belief in the truth of the statement”.
  • Creating serious apprehension for the safety of any person or property (whether by statement or behaviour), either with the intention of causing wasteful employment or diversion of police resources, or being reckless as to that result.

A person convicted under this section may be sentenced to imprisonment for up to three months, or a fine of up to NZ$2000.

If Slater does not lay a complaint, we’ll know why.

My bet is he won’t. And I know why.

It’s called deflection.

4. If the allegations are true (issue B)

It would be hard to feel sympathy for Slater. He has posted obscene comments on his website, along with hate commentary; people’s addresses and other personal details; and incited  threats of violence to be made by some of his associates in the comments section.

As I wrote above, death threats and calls to violence are uncool.

With Slater’s past history of engaging in this kind of on-line thuggery/bullying and cheering the deaths of young people, it is hard to feel any sympathy for the pathetic little germ that he is.

As Gordon Campbell wrote on 15 August,

“Talking of death threats, too little has been made of the threat to Hager himself in an email sent to Slater, David Farrar and Matthew Hooton (see pages 91-92) in the wake of Hager’s previous work on international tax havens. “Those Chinese can be very vicious when they lose face…It would be a disaster if they all knew where he lived. He might need Police protection…” etc etc. It doesn’t matter that Hager’s phone number and address are in the phone book. The intent seems all too clear.”

5. Other illegal activity by Slater?

Cameron Slater has already been convicted on several charges of breaking name suppression orders surrounding victims of child abuse cases. He is currently being sued for defamation by Auckland businessman, Matthew Blomfield. (Interesting, Slater has been given computer hard drives belonging to Mr Blomfield, and is using the material on said hard-drive to write critical blogposts on the businessman. Slater refuses to disclose where/how/when he acquired the computer material. Sound familiar?)

Meanwhile, on the blogsite, The Dim Post, blogger Danyl Mclauchlan questions the veracity of Whale Oil’s supposed high “traffic”;

DPF and Slater have both linked to me roughly the same amount of times during that period. I guess you could argue that readers of Kiwiblog and the other right-wing blogs in that graph are more likely to click on links than WhaleOil readers, for some unknown reason, or that my site is also linked to in their side-bars, maybe? But go back and look at the traffic stats for WhaleOil in the first graph. His traffic is, supposedly, immense, towering over everyone else – but the amount of actual people clicking through from his site is tiny. 

My hypothesis is that the WhaleOil stats are gamed, somehow, and that the number of real people reading WhaleOil every day is probably in the low hundreds, mostly National and ACT activists and media elites and outraged left-wingers. Which is funny, because he’s paid very handsomely by the tobacco lobby and other industry groups to publish their PR on the basis that it’s going out to hundreds of thousands of people. 

The latest traffic survey for blogs, released by Open Parachute, lists the blog  rankings for last July. The top ten are;

Visit Rank Blog Visits/month Page Views/month
1 Whale oil beef hooked 2067499 3424236
2 Kiwiblog 464149 794565
3 The Daily Blog 226522 366224
4 The Standard 203712 444021
5 Transport Blog 156922 160849
6 The Dim-Post 56504 80703
7 Throng New Zealand 43672 79016
8 Liturgy 42217 56349
9 Sciblogs 41178 52242
10 NewZeal 37534 52102

Check out the number of visits per month: 2,067,499. Two million visits. That’s half the population of New Zealand. It is also four times the ‘hits’ recorded for number two on the rankings, Kiwiblog, coming in at 464,149 visits per month.

Seems credible? I think not.

Martyn Bradbury has done a follow-up story on alleged bloated traffic numbers, saying,

“…it looks like it’s all a farce with pumped up stats and bots running most of the actual traffic. It looks like many corporate are secretly paying Slater for nothing more than a bloated illusion. “

Martynhas a point. If Slater has artificially increased his traffic number by using services such as “click fraud“, “Paid-to Click“,  and/or other systems, then he may be guilty of misleading advertisers. De-frauding them, in other words.

Only a police fraud investigation may be able to determine what is going on with Slater’s blogsite.

6. Karma

She seems to be working over-time on Slater’s feral arse. Evidently there is much work to catch up on?

On a more serious note to conclude this blogpost on; a fair number of folk have dismissively shrugged their shoulders and dismissed Nicky Hager’s book with a “meh! – what else is new“. The answer; plenty.

With this book, Nicky Hager has forced us to grow up a bit, politically, and look deep into our political culture. If we shrug and look away with cynicism, we are in effect giving politicians carte blanche to behave as they will. It means we have taken away normal social restraints for what we want as acceptable behaviour. (And paid for with our taxes, I might add.)

If that is what New Zealanders – especially those who support National – really want, then it is easily achieved. We just do nothing. Which reminds me of an old saying,

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing. – Edmund Burke

As always, the choice is ours.




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Vote and be the change

Above image acknowledgment: Francis Owen/Lurch Left Memes



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  1. Priss
    22 August 2014 at 2:07 pm

    I have no truck with death threats.

    But really? Can we be surprised?

    Slater sets himself up as the most deeply unpopular man in the country and he’s surprised that some people react badly to his hate speech????????

    Slater needs to grow up and take responsibility for his words and actions and not go crying to the media every time someone says something unpleasant to him. It seems the silly little man can dish it out, but not take it.

  2. Sally's husband
    24 August 2014 at 1:59 pm

    Slater is the pre-eminent muck-raker in this country and he complains when people kick back? Oh the poor wee dear…..

    Perhaps if Slater behaved like a real human being instead of glorifying in being a self-righteous, nasty little prick, he wouldn’t have this kind of response from people.

    I feel sorry for his family but not one ounce of sympathy for the idiot. As ye sow, ye shall reap.

  3. Kakapo Kate
    24 August 2014 at 4:21 pm

    I have no sympathy for Slater. He is a nasty little deviant who belongs in a facility to treat his disorder.

    What on earth did he expect with all the vileness he spews??

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