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David Farrar – A Question for you please?

16 August 2014 12 comments


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With revelations in Nicky Hager’s book, “Dirty Secrets“, that far-right, blogger, Cameron Slater, has blogged-for-money and has not publicly disclosed his activities, the time has time to scrutinise the activities of another right-wing blogger – David Farrar.

Both men are closely aligned with the National Party and both have been working in cahoots with Jason Ede – John Key’s political advisor.

Slater has been blogging on behalf of tobacco companies for payment, but has not disclosed this commercial relationship. (If a Labour-aligned blogger had done such a thing, you could be assured that Slater would be all over him/her with a rabid attack.)

David Farrar has also posted blog-stories that are critical of government intervention in the liquor industries, and advocating for a more laissez-faire approach and de-regulation.

The down-side to a free market , unregulated approach to liquor and tobacco is that both are drugs and both cost the tax-payers billions annually in increasing healthcare, lost productivity, and impacting on the justice system with booze-fuelled crime.

None of this, of course, troubles right-wingers, for whom profit is paramount.

A couple of recent blogposts by David Farrar advocate on behalf of liquor  interests. The following two blog-stories were posted on his site on the same day, within one hour of each other;


kiwiblog - david farrar - British MPs want tobacco style warnings on wine


kiwiblog - david farrar - Is Labour going to whack up alcohol price and the purchase age.

One wonders why Farrar would be so concerned at putting a health warning on alcohol?

After all, if he is a moderate drinker, it would have little effect on him. One has to ask – are his concerns philosophical or bought-and-paid for?

If the former, his “philosophy” seems very limited to immediate individualism – and not the wider needs of the community. Alcohol abuse accounts for a $4.9 billion dollar drain on our society/economy, according to a 2009 BERL report.

If the latter, he has most certainly not disclosed any financial transactions with his blogging.

Is he being paid, whether directly or indirectly by the liquor industry for his pro-alcohol blogging?

One hopes Mr Farrar can shed some light on this subject.




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State propaganda on TVNZ – pssst, just don’t mention the war! Er, Election!

16 August 2014 2 comments




TVNZ’s Breakfast on 12 August, went from it’s scurrilous mis-reporting of the effigy burning, to sheer, naked propaganda. This time, Key put on a performance as a typical all-blokey cook-in-the-kitchen.

The programme host, Jeanette Thomas, opened with this statement – in-between eye-lash fluttering and schoolgirl giggling;

“We’re cooking with the Prime Minister, John Key. And this is alllll about getting to know yooou, and all the stuff that you do kinda behind the scenes, ’cause we’re not allowed to talk politics today…*giggle, giggle*”



TVNZ - Breakfast - cooking


Yeah, yeah, giggle, giggle, flirt…

However, one sharp-eyed viewer made this comment on his facebook page soon after the show was over;


TVNZ - Breakfast - cooking- facebook - hugh fletcher


Not quite the ordinary, blokey “man-of-the-people” after all, eh?

Question is, will TVNZ’s ‘apolitical’ Breakfast show allow equal time to Labour leader David Cunliffe? And will it be hosted by ‘impartial’ host, Rawdon Christie…?

Which brings us back to this slightly-more-serious-matter…

11 August – TVNZ Breakfast Show:

Note the  Breakfast host’s chatty “interview” between Rawdon Christie and Dear Leader John Key. Rawdon is all smiles and let’s Key speak without interuption;


TVNZ - Breakfast - kim dotcom - video - effigy - john key - burning - 2014 elections


12 August – TVNZ Breakfast Show:

The following day, TVNZ allowed Internet Party, Laila Harré, to respond. Note the combative/defensive stance  by host, Rawdon Christie;


TVNZ - Breakfast - laila harre


Laila’s “right of reply” included at least thirteen interruptions as Christie spoke over his guest within a five minute period.

It was left to the State broadcaster’s competitor, TV3, to publish a ‘retraction’ by John Key,


John Key admits effigy video not linked to Internet Mana


No apology from  Key, of course. Dear Leader does not ‘do’ apologies – unless it is “serious”.

It appears that media can broadcast or publish any old garbage with minimal recourse. Even when the target of a deliberate smear is given an opportunity to correct misinformation, the broadcaster’s representative will fight tooth and nail to justify their own misconduct.

We’ve seen it with the NZ Herald and the Donghua Liu Affair.

Interesting though that when Rawdon Christie first interviewed Key on this issue, on 11 August, he said,

“Another stunt, which may cause you slightly more concern, and that is on Cameron Slater’s WhaleOil site, recently…”

It should come as no surprise that Key and Christie were more than willing to take the blogger’s story at face value;


PM hints tip-off came from Cameron Slater


As Claire Trevett wrote in February this year,

[Key]...would not confirm it was Mr Slater, but said he did speak to Mr Slater “every so often,” and had called him earlier this week during which they briefly discussed Kim Dotcom. He said that did not mean he agreed with everything Mr Slater wrote on his blog. “I speak to lots of blogsters [sic].”

Such is the unholy relationship between the National Party and far-right, sleaze merchant, Cameron Slater – along with media connivance for an “easy story”.

Though this time I suspect Key and TVNZ may have ended up with some egg on their faces.

Anyone for some fried eggs’n’effigies?




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