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Whaleoil Goes Porno

3 February 2013 36 comments


Something stinky this way comes


Whaleoil – a rightwing blog by right wing extremist, Cameron Slater,  has always had something of a dubious reputation. Terms such as “sleaze” and “gutter politics” are often associated with, and used in the same sentence as, Whaleoil.

Slater’s dirty tricks reached a nadir last year when on 13 March 2012, he wrote  this blogpost revealing and detailing the private tragedy of a Ports of Auckland (POAL) worker, Mr Cecil Walker,


whaleoil know your wharfies


POAL was, at the time, engaged in a bitter industrial dispute with maritime workers, and had reached depths of enmity and dirty tricks by Port management unseen since the 1951 Waterside Lockout.  It was also later established that the information regarding the POAL worker had been illegally leaked by  a POAL company staffmember, for Slater to publish (see:  Port admits leaking worker’s details – union).

Whaleoil not only actively championed the Board and management of POAL in an industrial dispute, and recklessly mis-used personal information that had been illegally provided – but it turns out that Slater was being paid to run blogposts, without declaring a pecuniary interest to his readers.

[Blogger’s note: To clear up any mis-understanding (and deliberate deflection from Slater) there is no evidence (yet) that POAL was one of Slater’s clients. His anti-worker/union hate-posts may’ve been a “freebie”. ]

As Martyn Bradbury reported on his blogsite, Tumeke,

Which brings us to todays extraordinary confession on Media 3 this morning by Cameron Slater. Russell Brown landed a square blow to Slater’s jaw by asking him directly if he took money to write blogs, Slater’s response that he did and his puerile justification that spin drs want attention so he gives it to them for a fee was possibly the new gutter low for the NZ blogosphere.


… yet he has the audacity to try and defend his actions by saying to people (and I’m paraphrasing the defense he has given to others) ‘his audience values him not for journalism, but for saying things they agree with, and therefore there’s no conflict between taking a slice of a PR or spin agency’s fee to do part of their job for them’.

This is pure sophistry.

Shouldn’t Slater’s readers know when Slater is offering his opinion and when he’s being paid to spin? To claim they are coming to him not because he tells the truth but because he tells them what they want to hear and offer that as a justification is about as deceptive as you can get.

Now we know he takes PR money to spin, shouldn’t Cam be honest with his readers and identify the issues he’s purposely manipulated?

See: Cameron Slater admits to taking PR money for blogs

Now for the latest installment from Cameron Slater – porn merchant. As posted yesterday (2 Feb),


whaleoil poll ink or no ink


Sourse: Whaleoil -Ink or No Ink

And this is the same Cameron Slater who derides Opposition MPs; left wing activists; workers; Unionists, etc,  for alleged lack of ethics?

Being slated by an extremist right wing blogger and  porn-merchant just invites scorn and  mirthful derision.

Mind you, along with being the new editor of  ‘The Truth‘…




… I guess it completes his CV.

*Updated  4 February*





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