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Just say “NO!” to political prostitutionism


From the Sunday Star Times (scanned hard-copy  – on-line version locked behind a Fairfax paywall) on 14 October,



Andrea Vance is correct;  most polls have shown a steady decline for National (with the exception of those at specific moments when issues surrounding Maori claims over water rights are in the headlines) since the general election last year.

John Key’s teflon coating is patchy at best, as scandals; incompetance; and a stagnating economy is showing up National as singularly inept at any measure of governance.

A TV3 poll tonight (24 Oct) was even more bad news for these ministerial muppets,


Full story


The four relevant questions asked of respondents were,

1. Do you agree National has done a good job in terms of building a brighter future?

  • 49% said no;
  • 46% said yes;
  • 5% did not know.
2. Has National helped with full employment?

  • 57% said no;
  • 36% said yes;
  • 7% did not know.
3. Is the Government providing the best school system for our children?

  • 58% said no;
  • 32% said yes;
  • 9% did not know.
4. Are our Government departments run efficiently?
  • 49 percent said yes;
  • 42 percent said no.

Key’s responses to each of these four questions is reported here: National’s bright future not here yet – poll

Some of his comments are laughable. Actually, no. All his comments are a joke.  If anything, his responses to these poll results are a scathing indictment of National’s arrogance and disconnect from the public.

Which brings us to Peter Dunne.

National is in power only because of complicity by John Banks and Dunne.

Dunne’s history began in 1984, as a Labour MP. From there, he  jumped from one Party to another; Labour; United New Zealand; United Future New Zealand; and join coalitions led by both National, then Labour, and back to National again in 2008.

See: Peter Dunne – Member of Parliament

Dunne is a political chameleon – able to re-shape and re-form to suit his political environment, as governments come and go. Unlike that other Great Survivor, Winston Peters, Dunne has the unmatched record of rarely having been out of government. Any government.

He has outlasted  Lange, Palmer, Moore, Bolger, Shipley, and Clarke – and is now onto his seventh Prime Minister, John Key.

Whatever “political viagra” the man is on, he could make a vast fortune selling it globally, to other politicians.

Political journalist, Andrea Vance,  has suggested in her 14 October article that,

As Labour begin to pick up in the polls… Dunne is the kid on the sidelines, eyes screwed shut, willing David Shearer to pick me, pick me”.”

Like hell.

For many people in this country, and this blogger included, Peter Dunne has burnt his bridges with the social democratic left.

His vote in Parliament, to enable the passing of legislation to facilitate the 49% sell-down of Mighty River Power, Genesis, Meridian, Solid Energy, and Air New Zealand, is a step too far. (See: The asset partial sell-off can begin)

With the passing of the Mixed Ownership Model Bill into law on 27 June, Peter Dunne well and truly nailed his colours to the mast – despite even a poll on his own website receiving an over-whelming ‘no’ vote, and many comments critical of asset sales.




The poll was taken down soon after it began to attract public attention. (Evidently the outcome was not to Mr Dunne’s satisfaction?)

So much for asking the public to “let us know your views“.

Unless we see a threat of a possible third term for National (and one hopes the voting public is not that capricious), Shearer, the Greens, Peters, and Harawira should have nothing to do with Dunne.

His politics is best described as prostitutionism – with about as much ethics shown as a Wall Street banker or back street crack-dealer.

Dunne has utterly betrayed his own country by supporting the sale – theft –  of state assets. Considering he has been part of three terms of a Labour-led government – to then support neo-liberal policies  shows a lack of principled behaviour.

What was he doing in a Labour-led government in the first place?

What else is he willing to do to keep ministerial “baubles of power”?

A new Labour-led government, starting  afresh and addressing many of the social inequities and economic imbalances afflicting our country,  should leave behind the dross of previous administrations.

The next government should be a principled one. And Peter Dunne has none of the necessary qualities that would make him a credible fit with such a new administration.

Take note, Mr Shearer; you need to start your new Administration on the very best footing. Peter Dunne will provide the opposite.

Mr Shearer; do you really want the left-overs of a failed National “government” at your Cabinet table?

As the Member for Ohariu once said,

We understand clearly that the only reason for our existence is to represent the voice of the people in our parliament. We believe  that any  party that is not constantly in touch with the views of the people is simply not doing its job. In this space you can read what others think on key issues, and you can let us know your views.” – Peter Dunne, “Have your Say Polls”, United Future website (since deleted)

Clean sweep, Mr Shearer, clean sweep.





Whilst Dunne’s website has closed down the Poll and the many posted comments are lost on his website, Blogger Robert Guyton had the presence of mind to C&P and re-post many of the posted comments on his blog.

These are the views that Peter Dunne does not want us to read: Robert Guyton.



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  1. 25 October 2012 at 2:15 am

    His politics is best described as prostitutionism – with about as much ethics shown as a Wall Street banker or back street crack-dealer.

    So, that would be Dunne Does Dallas Ohairu crossed with Wall Street with an extra helping of slime?

    • 25 October 2012 at 12:30 pm

      All of the above, I suspect, Draco.

      Hopefully, Ohariu voters will solve this problem either way for the rest of us.

  2. 25 October 2012 at 8:01 am

    Like Key, Dunne is a “carpetbagger” – a person perceived as an unscrupulous opportunist – although Key has to take the top prize for that derogatory title.
    One has to ask, “What are the people in that electorate thinking when they keep returning Dunne?” Must be in the NOT THINKING category!

  3. Denny Weisz
    25 October 2012 at 8:16 am

    An ineffective wallflower?

  4. Susan
    25 October 2012 at 9:22 am

    that made me laugh. peter dunne the prostitute! you have to laugh eh?

  5. Susan
    25 October 2012 at 9:51 am

    how about a green led government? just putting it out there?

    • 25 October 2012 at 12:42 pm

      Susan – Green or Labour, I’m not too fussed. At this point in time, almost anything would be an improvement on this current inept lot. Above all, I think this country needs hope and direction.

  6. QF
    25 October 2012 at 10:27 am

    Dunne is, despite his comments about him representing the political centre, a Tory. He was a Rogernome in ‘that’ Labour Government in the 1980s and them left Labour because of its supposed left wing drift under Helen Clark. The left on all its parliamentary forms should be concentrating on getting rid of him.

  7. Denny Weisz
    25 October 2012 at 10:35 am

    I think he’s “Dunne & Dusted” after this term.

    • 25 October 2012 at 10:49 am

      Denny – one hopes that the good people of Ohariu have had enough of him.

      • Denny Weisz
        25 October 2012 at 10:50 am

        Ae Frank .

  8. KMS
    25 October 2012 at 2:04 pm

    Minister of wavy hair dos?

  9. 25 October 2012 at 2:46 pm

    This ones a great one Frank… my disgust at Dunne and his opportunism is exceeded only by my annoyance that he only got in by a whisker in 2011 … only just over 2000 needed to be convinced to throw him out, the fact that I have to live with this cretin “representing” me only fuels my ire at the government he has well and truly prostituted himself to…

  10. Murray Olsen
    25 October 2012 at 3:04 pm

    He can hand deliver tax rebates to paper boys and girls.

  11. 26 October 2012 at 10:02 am

    My understanding is that Peter Dunne has indicated he is retiring after this term.

    • 26 October 2012 at 3:34 pm

      I’ve heard similar rumours, Laura. If they’re true, problem sorted.

      in which case I wonder if history will judge him along the same lines as Roger Douglas, Ruth Richardson, Max Bradford, et al…?

  12. recluse
    26 October 2012 at 12:15 pm

    Like his bow tie we see him wearing lately, suits his image as a clown.

    • Clive @ large
      28 October 2012 at 12:10 pm

      Clown is right. Dunne and Banks should do a circus team-up; Dunno the Dumbie and Banksie the Bullshitter. Electorates that elect people like that to Parliament should be mass-tested for brain damage. Maybe too much flouride in the water?

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