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Dear Leader, GCSB, and Kiwis in Wonderland (Part Toru)

12 October 2012 3 comments

As predicted a week ago,

The Prime Minister has not been upfront with the people of New Zealand. This blogger believes there is more to come out, and furthermore that we will see some damning revelations disclosed to the public.

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Now, a week later, it appears that further damning revelations are indeed starting to seep through the cracks, into the full glare of public attention,

John Key has contradicted himself – David Shearer

The Labour Party is claiming the Prime Minister addressed GCSB staff on February 29, and referred to the spy agency’s work on the Dotcom case.

That’s six and a half months earlier than when the Prime Minister has previously said he knew anything about the GCSB’s illegal spying on Dotcom.

Leader of the Labour Party, David Shearer says John Key has contradicted himself.

What we understand is at that John Key made a direct reference to Dotcom and GCSB’s involvement with Dotcom. That completely contradicts… that he had no recollection of being briefed.”

Mr Shearer says he is not making accusations, he is asking questions and wants to see a video taken by a staff member at the event. However he doesn’t know if the video exists and wants someone from the GCSB to come forward and give some answers.

If it exists, he says John Key should release the video to clear up what has happened once and for all.

“This cuts directly to John Key’s credibility, he keeps forgetting things.”

Source: TV3

It seems unlikely that allegations of a video recording would be falsified – it would be of little value to Labour to make such allegations knowing it could never be backed up.

And as Duncan Garner himself commented earlier today (10 Oct) – why would the GCSB conduct a seizure and search for a video on a hard-drive, if, as they claim such a video did not exist?

This issue has now cast serious doubts on the Prime Minister and the GCSB hierarchy. Something is definitely rotten here.

If that video surfaces – it will mean the resignation of John Key as Prime Minister and this government will fall.

National is Dead Party Walking.



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That was Then, This is Now #17

12 October 2012 2 comments


John Key Youth Rates National


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