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A media release I would love to see from Len Brown…



A press release I would love to see issued by Len Brown,


I today issued shareholder instructions to the Board of Ports of Auckland Ltd to retract the redundancy notices issued to 300 striking Port workers. I have further instructed the Board representatives to return to mediation, and to begin negotiation anew, in good faith.

I will also be issuing a new directive to the Board that Auckland City Council’s expectations for a rate of return is not to exceed 6%.

I offer my sincere apoligies to the workers and their families for the length of time it has taken. Obviously my hands-off approach has not achieved the desired outcome, and instead I will be making my office available for ongoing negotiation and mediation between all parties.

Let me make this clear; I expect no one to lose their jobs in this dispute.

I do, however, expect a good outcome that benefits workers; their families; as well as the Port. But people will always come first under my administration.

That  is not negotiable.”

If Len Brown uses that, it will be free-of-charge on my part. I’d be happy to help.



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