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What is wrong with (some) people?!?!



Perusing the on-line news section of  Radio NZ, I was struck by this short story,




Help me out here, folks, ‘cos this is another one of our recent (?) behaviours that has me utterly perplexed. Now call me kinda old fashioned… But what kind of moron doesn’t let an ambulance pass?!?!

Perhaps it’s just another one of those human behaviours that has been with us, since the first Cave Child graffitied a nice piece of cave wall-art, about a zillion years ago.

Or, perhaps it’s an unpleasant reminder of the quantum-shift in some peoples’ thinking, that they are more important than anything/anyone else – including an ambulance with lights and sirens blazing/blaring, as the medics try to save some poor schmuck who is bleeding to death…

Perhaps nothing better illustrates the  Ayn-Randian-Me-First attitude, that neo-liberalism espouses, than someone who refuses to move over because… well, because they don’t want toHell, I pay my taxes! I have a right to be on the road!! Screw everyone else!!

If that’s the case, I hope such people are a tiny, tiny, tiny minority. But, judging by the selfishness expressed on many internet fora – I sadly think not.

Just like the able-bodied person who parks in a Disabled Person’s carpark… “Hey, I’ll only be a few minutes!” Or, “Hey, why should they get all the best carparks?!”

Or the smoker who doesn’t care a hoot about lighting up in a car, with children in the car beside him/her  (I’ve seen this myself)… “Hey, f****n nanny state isn’t going to tell me where I can or can’t smoke!

And of course, there are the drunk drivers (those that are still alive) who drink; drive; and just don’t care.

It’s all human selfishness.

Once upon a time, selfishness was deemed an undesirable virtue. Now, there is practically an entire political ideology built around it.

Anyway, the point is simple: People! See the ambulance? Get out of the way! It could be your friend or family member they’re racing to assist!



And if you see some idiot holding up an ambo or fire appliance, despite  lights and siren going full tit…

Use your cellphone; dial *555; and report the idiot.

The next life you save could be someone precious to you.


Support & Donations

St John Ambulances

Wellington Free Ambulances



  1. Tom Sawyer
    19 January 2012 at 12:41 am

    Yeah I’ve seen an instance of that. Fire engine with its light and sirens on full and the dickhead in the car wouldn’t pull over. Dunno what was wrong with the driver. Just a loser I guess who weanted a bit of power? Your right thgough and next time I’ll call that 555 number and reporet them.

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