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Competing against the Chinese Government…

26 January 2012 6 comments

Cont’d from: Farms, politicians, and emails


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New Zealanders should take note of the following, which was reported in the above article,


“It is understood Pengxin has been conditionally approved to buy the farms, and management by Landcorp is thought to be among the conditions.

“We are in play, as we speak, doing due diligence on those farms,” Mr Kelly said. “We will then attempt to enter into a management contract. If we can’t, then that’s the end of the story. It’s extremely busy, but we’ve been asked by Pengxin to do our best and that’s what we’ll do.”

There was minimal risk to Landcorp in the deal. The only capital investment was likely to be in farm equipment and stock, which could all be absorbed back into the business if things fell apart.

New commercial opportunities in China could also open up later on as a result of the deal, Mr Kelly said.

Investigations into Pengxin are believed to have shown it to be a reputable trader with access to cheap credit from the Chinese Government.

“They’re not a Mickey Mouse outfit. What they’re doing is, without any question, advancing Chinese Government policy,” a source familiar with the company said.” Ibid


There we have it.

The Chinese government is pursuing an agressive policy to buy up farmland where ever possible, to pursue it’s own narrow, nationalistic agenda.

To facilitate this form of commercial neo-colonialism, it is funding nominally “private” companies (eg; Shanghai Pengxin) with cheap loans – loans that New Zealand companies do not have access to. These “private” companies are acting as de facto arms of the Chinese Government.

The questions that remain to be asked are;

  1. What is the policy of the Chinese Government in buying up farmland around the world? What is the purpose of this massive buy-up?
  2. Will our government accede to the Chinese government and permit the alienation of our own productive farm-base to a foreign government, pursuing unknown, hidden agendas?

In pursuing their agenda, New Zealanders cannot hope to compete with the vast resources of a major economic power. If one of New Zealand’s richest men (Michael Fay) cannot out-bid a foreign investor – then there is no way that ordinary Kiwis can compete.

We will be out-bid every time a foreign buyer (whether German, Americam, Chinese, etc) wants a piece of our land.

The result will be that that, in years and decades to come, New Zealanders will become tenants in their own country.

Landcorp is setting itself up to be the first tenant in a foreign own farm.

Will this  be our future?

And will  we permit it to happen?


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