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National under attack – defaults to Deflection #1


Labour forced our hand on timing - key



Blaming the Labour Party? Blaming a Party that is not in government, and has been out of office for five years?! How does that even begin to work as sounding plausible?!

This is a new “variant” on the three deflections that National defaults to when it scrambles to avoid taking responsibility for it’s botch-ups. Those three default-deflections are;

  1. Blame previous Labour government
  2. Release story on ‘welfare abuse’
  3. Blame Global Financial Crisis or similar overseas event

In this case blaming the previous Labour government won’t wash. Legal highs/psychoactive substances were barely known prior to 2008.

So it seems that blaming the current Labour Party will have to do instead.


The news-story on the RNZ page made reference to Key claiming “ cabinet decided last Tuesday on a ban but wanted to keep quiet about it to cut down on stockpiling by consumers“.

But listen to the actual interview and words used by  Dear Leader;

John Key: “Because the fortyone that we decided some time ago, in principle, we decided the Health Department made the wrong call in giving them a waiver. Now, we-“

Susie Ferguson: “And when did you decide this?”

John Key: “We decided that in Cabinet some while ago.”

Susie Ferguson: “Peter Dunne said it was agreed last Tuesday.”

John Key: “Yup, that’s some while ago…”

Since when   “some time ago” equate to last week?

Lying hound.




Radio NZ: Labour forced our hand on timing – Key

Radio NZ: PM defends timing of legal highs decision ( audio )

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Peter Dunne

Above image acknowledgment: Francis Owen/Lurch Left Memes

This blogpost was first published on The Daily Blog on 29 April 2014.



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