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Roy Morgan is one of the most regular polling companies in New Zealand.

It is also the only one that calls respondents on their cellphones, and not just landlines. As such, it is more accurate because not every household in 21st Century New Zealand has a landline.

Last night, I answered my cellphone – and the caller was from Roy Morgan polling.

The questions, from memory;

  • Do I support legalising cannabis? (Yes)
  • Who will I give my electorate vote in 2014? (Labour)
  • Who will I give my Party vote to? (Greens – Though this may change to Mana.)
  • Is the country headed in the right or wrong direction? (Wrong direction)
  • What is the number one problem affecting our country? (Unemployment)
  • Do I expect my circumstances to improve, worsen, or no change in the next twelve months? (Worsen)
  • Do I expect my circumstances to improve, worsen, or no change in the next five years? (Uncertain – it depends if we have a Labour-led or National government)
  • Have I travelled over 40 kilometres in the last month? (yes)
  • Do I listen to the radio? (yes – though they didn’t ask which station, strangely enough)
  • Do I listen to radio on podcast, TV, or smartphone? (yes)

There were a few others which were asked, but they escape me for the moment.

So there we have it – polled by Roy Morgan, via cellphone.

I look forward to the next results to come out.




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  1. mcclairy
    1 September 2013 at 1:29 pm

    Lucky you – I have never been phoned and I have been around since the earth last cooled down!!! Always the bridesmaid never the bride and never a phone call in place of catching a bunch of flowers 🙂 I still don’t trust the polls !

    • 1 September 2013 at 1:33 pm

      Interestingly, mcclairy, in my previous house I lived in (pre-2007), I was phoned regularly on my landline by pollsters. About once a month, I’d say.

      In my next house – nothing.

      Now I’m away from Wellington, and I get a call on my ‘batphone’…

  2. 1 September 2013 at 1:34 pm

    Last time I had Roy Morgan call me it was about 21:00. I said it was OK to to do the survey. They then said that, because it was so late in NZ, could I give them my address and they’d send me the questions. I said no and hung up on them because they just wouldn’t take no for an answer.

    What is the number one problem affecting our country?

    I would have said the rich. We really can’t afford them.

  3. 1 September 2013 at 1:43 pm

    “I would have said the rich. We really can’t afford them.”

    Heh heh heh…

    Well, my first response was actually, “this bloody National government”, but I could tell that flustered him. So I gave “unemployment” as an alternative. (I should’ve said child poverty.)

  4. Deborah Kean
    1 September 2013 at 2:56 pm

    I am constantly called, about cornflakes etc, and the one time I answered a political poll I was rung back, five minutes later and told that they had ‘too many old white women’ and would not be using my answers… Really? I suspect that they really had too many unemployed people! It’s a myth that poor people don’t have landlines, as everyone I know over 40 is unemployed and we all have landlines in fact the only people I know on National Super don’t even have mobiles! – making calls on mobile phones is ridiculously expensive. (My mobile is for texting and for communicating with my son, only! Thanks, BestMates!)

  5. Vagabundo
    • 14 September 2013 at 5:31 pm

      Indeed it is, Vagabundo.

      We are on course for a change of government and getting rid of one of the most dishonest prime ministers we’ve had in our short history.

      I just pray that after the election of Labour’s new leader (whoever it may be) that any disaffected MPs don’t stuff things up. I swear – any MP who undermines the new leadership will suffer my wrath.

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