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Our Dear Leader…?

6 August 2011 1 comment

I’ve attended TWO public meetings where John Key has spoken.

Firstly; May 24, Lower Hutt, organised by the local Greypower branch.

Secondly; August 2nd, “Expressions” Gallery, Upper Hutt, organised by UH Lions.

On both occassions, my impressions of Key are as follows;

1. He is a very confident public speaker – especially on fiscal issues (naturally, given his background).

2. He is not so much a liar, as he leaves out critical, salient facts so as to promote his p.o.v. Such facts, if honestly presented to the public, would give a more accurate ‘picture’ on various issues.

3. I’ve caught him out on several points, where his statements were simply not accurate. In one instance (24 May), his comments on tax cuts was so mis-leading as to verge on an outright deception.

4. I do not trust him. He is a smoother version of Winston Peters. (Ok, that may be taking things too far. I may have to apologise to the Prime Minister for that remark… )

And judging by some of the shaking of heads amongst the audience, I do not believe that I am the only person who came away with these impressions.

Key, in person, is not quite as credible as the media or general public believes.