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Welcome to new glorious People’s Republic of New Zealand

8 August 2013 6 comments

We are living in scary times. This is what 1,058,638 voters got when they ticked the box for National;


Peters says police wanted his private phone records

Source:  Radio NZ –  Peters says police wanted his private phone records


When the Prime Minister  and his office can unleash the police onto an opposition party Leader, then we are in deep trouble. This is the sort of tactics Robert Mugabe  employed in Zimbabwe against opposition leader, Morgan Tsvangirai (see: Zimbabwe police turn up heat against harassed opposition).

It’s bad enough that the Police wanted access to Peters’ phone records.

But to liaise with the politician’s office – when police investigations should be apolitical and non-partisan – speaks to an unhealthy relationship between the Prime Minister and Police. We’ve already seen Key appoint an old “school chum” as director of the GCSB (Ian Fletcher).  Police raiding media offices.  The Prime Minister’s office gaining access to phone, email, and security-card logs from another member of Parliament and a journalist. And Police seizing info from telcos without a warrant (see: Police seize Cuppagate texts).

If Helen Clark’s office had pulled  stunts like this, every National party  politician and right wing blogger  would be over this like flies on a fresh cow-patty.

More and more, National is disregarding conventions regarding the separation of State power, and over-riding civil rights and privacy.  Key and his party apparatchiks will target anyone; other politicians; journalists; welfare beneficiaries.

Who will be next?

Imagine the extent of their power once the GCSB and TICS Bills are passed through the House. Imagine the abuse of political power once the GCSB will be spying on us all.

We’ll never know.  It will all be legal. And secret.

Borat would feel right at home.



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