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A taste of racism…

9 January 2014 6 comments

This item was Stuff (the Fairfax news media) caught my attention,


'Racist' label angers Kiwis in AustraliaSource


Having lived briefly in Australia, I can vouch for the racist attitude that many Australians have toward migrants. New Zealanders are no exception, and also suffer the wrath of prejudice from some of our Aussie cuzzies.

Which is ironic, as we ourselves have a long way to go, to examine our own racist attitudes and how desperately we (or some of us) cling to prejudice to preserve our place in society’s hierarchy.

Nisbet’s cartoons, published mid last year (2013) are a case in point;


290513 The Marlborough Express Al Nisbet cartoon


Al Nisbet's racist cartoon (2)


Those who did not see Nisbet’s cartoons as racist and offensive could be placed in two broad (sometimes over-lapping?) groups; those who are ordinary racists and who saw the cartoons as a validation of their views; and the Uninformed who – whilst not consciously racist – probably didn’t recognise the nature of the images and the messages they were conveying. They simply had no political consciousness that could *switch on* a light-bulb in their minds and instantly recognise what Nibet’s cartoons represented.

And really, any one of us can fall into that particular trap on occassion. An image that might seem innocuous to one person might be utterly reprehensible to another.

The difference between the racist and the uninformed is that the latter can learn and when understanding comes, the *lightswitch* comes on.


For a cartoonist to be truly subversive, their art should express  critical attention on society’s unpleasant prejudices; irrational contradictions; and those who exploit  traditions to maintain positions of power. These are the things that demand to be challenged.

Nisbet’s cartoons did not challenged popular prejudices – they reinforced and gave credence to them. It gave “comfort to the enemy” – the enemy being ignorance and bigotry. It reinforced rather than scrutinised or challenged.

The cartoonist below, on the other hand, challenged the knee-jerk mindlessness of parroted bigotry,




The unknown (American?) creator of the above cartoon subverted the “logic” of the racist, showing it to be what is truly is; untenable when taken to it’s ultimate, ludicrous conclusion.


Returning to the Stuff article above, it’s not often that white New Zealanders get a taste of what racism feels like. Experiencing it at the hands of others suddenly widens our perception as we find ourselves walking in someone elses’ shoes.

This blogpost was first published on The Daily Blog on 2 January 2014.





Fairfax media: ‘Racist’ label angers Kiwis in Australia



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David Ruck, founder of the racist Pakeha Party…

15 July 2013 3 comments

… shows where he stands on workers’ rights,



Pakeha Party Facebook Page Founder, revs his car up and drives through a picket line of McDonald’s workers @ Lincoln Road, almost hitting one of the young workers, he’s lucky I didn’t take to his car with a sledgehammer. Scab!




Hat-tip: The Jackal




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A lesson well learned in Capitalism 101

11 July 2012 3 comments



As Joshua Hitchcock posted Twitter a couple of nights ago,

“The Hypocrisy of the Political Right: We believe in property rights, except when they are claimed by indigenous people. We despise collectivism, except when it comes to beaches and waterways which everyone owns”

(Acknowledgement: Maui Street blog)

It seems to have escaped most folk that Maori are making a claim with the Waitangi Tribunal for water ownership rights as a final, last ditch effort to thwart National’s thieving policy of partial asset sales. To date, all other legal, non-violent means of resisting asset sales has fallen on deaf ears.

After two embarressing back downs (mining in conservation lands and Hekia Parata’s attempt to slash teacher numbers), National cannot afford another crushing retreat on any significant policy. It would be the electoral death-knell for the National Party, and would render John Key a political eunuch.

So the Nats have hunkered down. This is going to be messy ‘trench warfare’, and they were counting on the passage of time  to defeat the anti-privatisation movement.

Enter the Maori Council, stage left.

And perhaps the only means left to ordinary citizens; the Treaty of Waitangi. This time, despite the blind ignorance of mouth-frothing racists, employment of the  Treaty will ultimately be to the benefit of  Pakeha, as well as Maori.

John Key may well be legally correct when he says that no government is bound by the Waitangi Tribunal – though somewhat inappropriate and inflammatory.

But not so correct if the Maori Council takes the next step and sues the Government through the Courts. Now we’re playing hard ball, and no Government can ignore a Court decision. (Not unless the Westminster system is being replaced by a model more closely resembling North Korea.)

This is where  rabid racists in our community have been screaming  hysterically. (See: It’s official: racists aren’t very bright  ) Try to explain to these  neuron-challenged  rednecks that the Maori Council are trying to save our own assets from falling into the hands of investors from Berlin, Beijing, or Boston, and their mouth-frothing hysteria increases in intensity. These are not people that one can reason with.

Yet there is a delightful irony at work here…

  1. Maori are claiming ownership rights over water. The concept of private property and ownership rights is a concept that we Pakeha introduced into Aotearoa, upon colonisation. Up till then everything had been communally owned by the Iwi.
  2. John Key says  “no one can own water”. Yet, the government and local body councils think nothing of  charging for metered water in some regions and urban areas. Government sells radio frequencies to the highest bidders. Government sells mining and drilling rights to corporations. Government sells fishing quota – with the implication that Government owns ALL the fish in New Zealand’s territorial waters. And of course, we each (generally) own the land that our houses, businesses, factories, and farms rest on.  Maori have simply taken this concept to the next logical conclusion; Capitalism at work.
  3. Maori are employing the judicial system and testing the law through the Courts – another Pakeha construct which Maori have learned very well to use.

Those racists who think that “no one can own the water” might pause to consider that the concept of private ownership did not originate with Maori.

We Pakeha brought it to this country.

Private ownership and the judicial system were alien concepts,  introduced by colonisers, who made good use of property laws, Courts, and armed State enforcement  to suit themselves.

Maori have learned the lessons  of the coloniser. They have passed all tests when it comes to “Capitalism 101”.  The Pakeha system is one that suits Maori very well when it comes to addressing grievances of past land confiscations and other crimes committed against them.

However, on this occassion, Maori are using the Waitangi Tribunal and the Courts – not for their own purposes – but for the common good of the country. They may be the ones to save our multi-billion dollar assets from being flogged off by ex-money trader, John Key, and his crony-capitalist mates.

Racists may not appreciate this – but they should be bloody thankful for what Maori are doing.

Nothing else has worked thus far.





Waitangi Tribunal to hear asset sales arguments

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It’s official: racists aren’t very bright…

When the Maori Council announced that they would be challenging National’s asset sales programme, it appeared to be the country’s last-gasp attempt to stall privatisation.

National has ignored public opinion; derided public protests; and has stated that it will pay no heed to any referedum on the issue.  After backing down on mining in Conservation land and Parata’s plans to cut teacher numbers and increase class-room sizes, this is one battle that John Key dare not cave on.

A Three-Strikes-On-Policy-Backdowns would probably mean National losing it’s legitamacy as “government”.

Enter, the Maori Council.  Maori are challenging National in a way that Pakeha seem unable to; via the Treaty.

It may be our “last gasp” attempt.

In response, John Key has derided Maori opposition by stating that his Party may choose to ignore any Waitangi Tribunal decision upholding water rights for Maori,

We could choose to ignore what findings they might have – I’m not saying we would, but we could.

See:  Maori plan to fight Key’s ‘ignore it’

One would think that the public would jump for joy with a collective “Hurrah!!”  that we have a decent chance to stop National’s asset sale plans dead in their tracks.

But it seems that for some of our lesser-sentient fellow New Zealanders, any mention of “Maori” or “Treaty” elicits  racist, rabid, hysteria – almost akin to a Pavlovian response.

Even if the Maori Council’s actions ultimately benefits us collectively, it seems that those with a bloody-minded racist ‘bent‘ cannot see past their prejudiced noses, as some comments from a comments-page showed,



Steve   #2   08:53 am Jul 10 2012

Finally Key has figured out what maori are doing. IWI stands for I Want It.


Andrew   #5   09:02 am Jul 10 2012

This is complete and utter garbage. It is getting to the point where New Zealanders (both Maori and Pakeha) need to stand up and tell people like the money grabbing group “The Maori Council” that enough is enough. This group don’t represent Maori as a whole but are a small minority of rather wealthy Maori and Pakeha who see this as another chance for them to make easy money.


Andrew – John Key is planning to sell state assets to those with the wealth to buy shares. These are assets that we – you and I – already own.   So who is the “money grabbing group“?


Neil.l   #6   09:08 am Jul 10 2012

Basically all this is about it to determine what rights Maori have to water.However if for some reason the Tribunal says that Moari have full right to the water then they must accept full liability & the rights of anyone to claim should there be any flooding or “loss of water” .Maori need to take full responsibility of water not pluck out bits they like.


No, Neil. This is about National selling our state assets. Remember? I think it’s been in the news lately…?



Me   #7   09:19 am Jul 10 2012

From yesterdays meeting: comment made by Maori party >

“We own the water”

yah right!!! it is the most ridicolous statement made at the meeting yesterday. You go Key – we are right by you with the rejection.


And pray tell, “Me”, are you also “right behind John Key” in asset sales?


Paul Inane   #9   09:35 am Jul 10 2012

Will this stoush establish when ownership of the water begins? Will it be when the water hits the riverbed? Will it be as the water falls from the sky? Will it be when water forms in the clouds? Will that mean cloud ownership will also be in contention? Will it be when snow and ice thaws in the hills? Will Maori claim ownership of the tears that fall into the rivers from the people who have had enough of this?


Jonathan   #11   10:15 am Jul 10 2012

And here we go again.

This is one of the few occasions when, as a person of Maori decent, I can easily say I’m embarrassed.

While I agree that the Waitangi Tribunal has done a lot of good for Maori, this is where it starts going wrong for me. Firstly, certain factions beleive that radio spectrum was owned by Maori (forgive me if I have that slightly wrong), now a similar issue crops up for water.

Oh well, lets just sit back a watch our tax dollars being spent of legal fees fighting this through court.


Azza   #14   10:29 am Jul 10 2012

If the ownership of the water is transferred; do the expences incurred through the management of the waterways also transferred?


Azza – Focus on A.S.S.E.T.  S.A.L.E.S.

(And by the way, Maori had no “expences” prior to Pakeha arriving with sheep and cattle crapping and pissing in the rivers.)


bill   #16   10:48 am Jul 10 2012

Whilst i agree that selling assets isnt the best, this whole issue of maori owning water is ridiculous. cant they come up with a better argument.


No, Bill, they can’t.

Can you?

Let’s look at a few more of these rabid racists and their rants,


Bruce   #17   10:53 am Jul 10 2012

Where does the water come from that fills the rivers and lakes? It comes from the sky, so why don’t the maoris claim the sky that the rain falls from? This issue of who owns what has become little more than a farce spurred on by greedy people who think they are owed everything life has to offer without working for it!


Bruce – focus, mate, focus. Asset sales. AS-SET-SALES.  Stop sniffing those paint fumes and remember what National is planning to do…


Lienback   #18   10:54 am Jul 10 2012

“It’s a long time since we’ve had a prime minister who says ‘I don’t care what the Waitangi Tribunal says’.”” Actually it’s about time someone stepped up and said that some of the claims (especially around spurious claims of ownership of air, water, airwaves etc) were a nonsense. Well done Mr Key – you have just added another vote for National.


See:  Harawira criticises Key over Maori water claim

Now, either Lienbeck is a closet National voter anyway (quite likely), or his/her memory-loss is now approaching that of John Banks. Lienbeck seems to have totally forgotten what this issue is all about.

But then again, I suspect most of these racists are pro-asset sales anyway, and trhe Maori Council’s actions have merely given them a focus to (a) vent their racist-wrath at Maori, (b) trivialise the asset sales issue, and (c) snuggle up closer to John Key.

Like this idiot,


Me   #19   11:06 am Jul 10 2012

“We own the water” – says Maori party….. hahahahaha literally rolling on the floor lol – i just could not stop laughing. You show them right Key. We back you up on this.


KC   #20   11:26 am Jul 10 2012

I remember National saying no Maori seats on the Auckland City Council. As we now know that was a smoke screen.

Then along came the Auckland Maori Statutory Board appointed by the maori affairs minister from Wellington.

National will buckle to Maori, nothing surer, and the taxpayer will carry the can as usual.


“…and the taxpayer will carry the can as usual” – and KC makes no reference to how much taxpayers will lose from the asset sales. Have these people have totally lost the plot?


Patrick Woodbourne   #21   11:32 am Jul 10 2012

I think this is disgusting that the Maori want claims on water. The water belongs to everyone and this is just another money making deal. They always say that we are one and should treat everyone with respect. They have no idea what is one nation and this is just greed. John Key should not give into this and remember we are a New Zealand nation, not split.


Patrick – Asset sales? Huh? What?

Alright, go back to sleep.


Brian Marshall   #23   11:50 am Jul 10 2012

The treaty of Waitangi doesn’t say anything about water rights. This is just another sick grab at the public purse that would never stand up in the regular courts. Water is a common good and John Key should do one better and disband the Waitangi Commissioners.


So can I steal your land, Brian?

As for “water being a common good”, try telling that to the new owners of hydro-power stations. They’ll be showing you the door, with a size 9 bootprint on your backside, faster than you can say “But water is a common gooddddd…”

And this bit of sheer lunacy,


Gino   #24   12:02 pm Jul 10 2012

So when Maori turned up in NZ from whereever it was they invented Water and Air so therefore they own it…is that right?. I am sick of Maori putting their hand out every time they smell free money and yet when it comes to the reality of Maori in NZ, being at the bottom of all the wrong statistics they have nothing to say and no money to fix it yet again putting the blame on the Govt of the day and putting their hands out for more money to solve problems that apparently their “Mana” can’t fix.


Funny thing, Gino. You didn’t invent land, did you? So that means you don’t own the land your house sits on? Right?

There’s more – much more – but I think the reader get’s the ‘flavour‘ of what the Rabid Racist Right and the Intellectually Challenged  are up to.

The only thing missing is the sight of these rednecks frothing at the mouth as they post their virulent words on-line.

It’s always stomach turning whenever I happen to tune in to talkback radio. Racism, prejudice, and lack of rational thought abounds on the airwaves.

But to then read it on a (supposedly) reputable newspaper’s website, is disheartening. Prejudice and ignorance seems to abound, irrespective of the media.

And in the meantime, National continues it’s agenda to sell what we own; against public opinion; and to the detriment of our economy.

But evidently that’s unimportant to racists.



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ACT – a step too far?

From David Farrar, of Kiwiblog

“…I tend to think it would be good to hear more from ACT on social liberalism, because their brand there has been unclear. No one doubts ACT’s commitment to economic liberalism, but they do wonder about the commitment to social liberalism.

Wouldn’t it be great I thought to hear Don Brash say something along the lines of “Yes we are going to get rid of the Maori seats, because race based seats are wrong – but we are also going to decriminalise personal use of cannabis, as our current drug laws unfairly penalise young Maori”. “

I would guess that business and other neo-liberals are now shying away from supporting ACT, lest they be associated with that party’s ‘brand’ which has evolved into something overtly racist and  anti-maori.

For many on the neo-liberal right, racist extremism is simply a step too far.

I am reminded of the Alliance in the mid-1990s, when it expelled the “Permanent Revolution” faction. Evidently this minority were creating a considerable nuisance with their hardline marxist-leninist agitation and the Alliance leadership did not want to be distracted with an extremist  canker within it’s ranks.

Unfortunately, in ACT’s case (or fortunately, depending on one’s p.o.v.), the lunatics have well and truly taken control of the asylum.

No wonder Heather Roy jumped waka. She knew what was coming.

As for ACT’s declared position of abolishing Maori seats – let’s be under no illusion, here.

The right want to get rid of Maori seats because they can’t win them. If they were safe-National or safe-ACT seats, then Farrar and his right-wing colleagues would be lining up to defend Maori seats.

Much like MMP, really. The right don’t like MMP because it doesn’t give them unbridled power.

The right simply don’t like to share.

It really is that simple.

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