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Why Garden Centres LOVE public holidays!



Of course, the irony here is that companies like Oderings rely on public holidays to increase their turnover.

If public holidays were treated like any other day, and all businesses were open to trade, Oderings, et al, wouldn’t have the benefit of that foot traffic to boost their own trade. Everyone would be working. It would be another ordinary day.

So it’s a wee bit disingenuous of Oderings to state,

We have got an archaic law. Nobody suffers [from us being open]. Customers don’t suffer; staff don’t suffer as we ask them if they want to be here.” – Source

If public holidays were like any other day, all businesses,  schools, and government departments should be open as well.  In which case we wouldn’t have public holidays anymore. We would have given them away for — ???

Having some businesses open, whilst others obey the law, is unfair. It’s unfair on other businesses, and it’s unfair on staff who are “encouraged” to work on public holidays so the rest of us can benefit from their “choice” to sacrifice a day off.

I see nothing remotely fair about this and Oderings and other businesses who choose to break the law are doing it for their own private gain – not for the common good. They are capitalising on restrictions that others  obey.

We either have public holidays, or we don’t. That’s what New Zealanders need to decide for themselves, and for their country.

We need to ask a very simple question: what is a public holiday?



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