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And MORE beneficiary bashing!!!

From “Nanny State, to Big Brother State…


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By all means offer vaccinations to everyone – but not just to one subset of the population!  Virii and bacteria make no determination on potential hosts based on socio-economic status.

This should be seen for what is is;

1. More victimisation of beneficiaries, and using them as scapegoats.

2. Deflection from this governments horrendous record on the poor state of the  economy; rising unemployment;  and growing poverty!

Is this how it started in Germany in the 1930s, when Jews and gypsies were vilified and demonised, to take people’s attention away from real economic problems?

John Key – you  and your government should resign. You are a  disgrace!!




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RIP, ‘White Mouse’…

8 August 2011 2 comments

Wellington-born WWII heroine Nancy Wake has died in London, aged 98.

Ms Wake, who was born in Roseneath but left New Zealand as a toddler, was living in France when Nazi Germany invaded during World War II. She joined the French Resistance and was smuggled to England for specialist training.

She was the Allies’ most decorated servicewoman, collecting bravery awards from France, England, Australia and the United States.

In 1944 she was parachuted back into France, where she co-ordinated the efforts of thousands of fighters and fought alongside them.

Ms Wake – codenamed the “The White Mouse” because of her ability to elude capture – at one point was No 1 on the Gestapo’s most wanted list, with an offer of five million francs for anyone who reported her or killed her.

The Daily Telegraph reported that Ms Wake died yesterday in a hospital in London, where she had lived since 2001.

A close friend confirmed Ms Wake’s death early this morning.

She was recognised locally last year with a new “heritage pylon”, unveiled by former Wellington Mayor Kerry Prendergast in Oriental Pde.

Rest in Peace, White Mouse.


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