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Our own Christmas Grinch, MP for Northcote

14 December 2011 2 comments


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Sacking three of his five staff this close to Christmas?

Classy, Dr Coleman, real classy.

If this is how you reward loyalty and dedication, I’d hate to see what you do to staff who slack off. As for sacking someone who has been at your side for four years – I wonder what new staffers will be thinking? How much loyalty can you expect from people if they know they can be shafted at any moment, for expediency and “to make a step up”?

Not much, I’d wager.

Dr Coleman can’t claim that this is saving taxpayers’ money in one breath, when next he states,

This is the time to do it because if they get let go now they get a good package and this is when the jobs [in Parliament] come up.

”It would not be helping to wait until all the options have been exhausted. And people want to know.”

So basically what he is saying is that he has made them redundant; paid them three months pay-out;  and they may be able to apply and win new jobs for another MP?!

If this is saving us, the taxpayer, money – we’ll be broke by the end of the year. Especially if any of these people are rehired as “advisors” at $2,000 a day

I sincerely hope that other government MPs are not following Dr Coleman’s actions. It could end up a very expensive exercise – more expensive than Key’s wasteful spending on 34 new ministerial BMW limousines.

I’m hoping National doesn’t cancel Christmas this year as a further “cost cutting” exercise.