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Mayor decrees 162,000 New Zealanders as ‘persona non grata’

25 September 2012 11 comments

This is a new one for the books; social apartheid based on one’s employment status,



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So – how do you stop someone moving to your town?

Well, there are at least three methods – both tried proven in the last century.

1. Visual Identification

In the 1930s and 40s, the German government hit upon the novel idea of forcing certain classes of people – those classed as “undesirables” by the State – to wear colour-coded symbols sewn onto their clothing.

Jews were made to wear a bright yellow “star of David”,



Gays were made  to wear a pink triangle,



The full list of colour-coded badges,

  • Yellow star – a Jew
  • Red triangle—political prisoners: liberals, communists, trade unionists, royalists, social democrats and socialists, Freemasons, anarchists.
  • Green triangle— “professional criminals” (convicts, often Kapos).
  • Blue triangle—foreign forced laborers, emigrants.
  • Purple triangle—Bible Students, a term taken from a name of, and primarily referring to, Jehovah’s Witnesses, though a very small number of pacifists and members of other religious organizations were also imprisoned under this classification
  • Pink triangle—sexual offenders, mostly homosexual men but rarely rapists, zoophiles and paedophiles.
  • Blacktriangle—people who were deemed “asocial elements” and “work shy” including
    • Roma (Gypsies), who were later assigned a brown triangle
    • The mentally ill
    • Alcoholics
    • Vagrants and beggars
    • Pacifists
    • Conscription resisters
    • Prostitutes
    • Some anarchists
    • Drug addicts
  • Brown triangle—Roma (Gypsies) (previously wore the black triangle)
  • Uninverted red triangle—an enemy POW, spy or a deserter.

See: Wikipedia – Nazi emblems for undesirables

This system could be very useful for Herr Campbell – indeed for New Zealand as a whole. Easily identified classes of undesirables makes it easier for Good Citizens to deny services; prevent association with, and cultural contamination by,  undesirables; keep our children safe from undesirables; and keep our young people pure by isolating undesirables.

Eventually, Undesirables can be removed from society altogether and ‘re-homed’ in specially-designated “reservations”. (The Kermadecs may be a possibility?)

2. Reservations

Reservations – aka “Homelands” in apartheid-era South Africa – were designed as a ‘final solution’ for non-White races.



In our case, separate reservations could be intended for separate classes of people. Of course, that entails breaking up entire families of undesirables – but that is a minor issue. Good Citizens do not concern themselves with the welfare of undesirables.

Undesirables, as Citizen Campbell would have us know, are lesser creatures and do not feel emotional hurt as we, normal Citizens do. (It’s in their genes.  Or blood. Or something.)

As a start, every person who voted for John Banks would be assigned to a Reservation on White Island. Yes, we know it’s an active volcano, but it’s as close to Hell as we can get for these obviously sub-normal voters.

3. Internal passports

Internal passports were/are very popular with totalitarian regimes that demanded full control over  the movements (or lack, thereof) of their people. The former Soviet Union, and to a lesser extent, the Russian Federation, utilised internal passports. As does China to this day.

And of course the former apartheid regime of South Africa had it’s own Pass Laws.

New Zealand could easily turn Community Services Cards into a de facto Internal Passport. Simply add a computer chip (like most modern credit cards) and take it from there.

Result; voila! Full control of undesirables’ movements.

(Mr Campbell may start doing his little ‘happy dance’ now.)

Full disclosure

In case anyone missed it – I’m taking the piss here. I do not advocate Visual Identifications, Reservations, or Internal Passports. A society that employs such policies is one that is utterly alien to ours.

Perhaps Mr Campbell might reflect on the sort of society we are becoming when a class of people is discriminated against in such a callous manner.  If New Zealand is going to treat the unemployed – who are simply the victims of an ongoing global financial crisis – as pariahs; second class citizens; the Jews and Gypsies from the 1930s, then there is something seriously wrong with us.

Only a brutalised society could behave in such a brutal fashion.

One cannot help but suspect that Welfare Minister Paula Bennett’s ongoing harassment and vilification of unemployed, solo-mums (but never solo-dads), widows, etc, is becoming part of our social fabric. National has many failures to cover up and shifting blame onto others is one way of ducking responsibility. (Right wingers are not as Big on taking responsibility as they make out.)

I wonder if Mr Campbell prays every night that his butchery business thrives, and that he is not voted out of his mayorlty role.

It would be unfortunate for him if he were to become unemployed.



It can happen to anyone.



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