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Karma for Key?

30 January 2013 9 comments


John Key, on Hekia Pata, nearly a fortnight ago,


“I actually think she’s a very effective communicator; in fact if you look at her history in politics, she’s been one of the smoothest communicators we’ve actually had.” – John Key, 18 January 2013

“I actually think she’s a very effective communicator; in fact if you look at her history in politics, she’s been one of the smoothest communicators we’ve actually had.” – John Key, 18 January 2013


Hekia Parata, confirming Dear Leader’s assertion that she is  “one of the smoothest communicators we’ve actually had”,


'Karma' strikes unpaid Education Ministry staff

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It takes a profound and deeply  callous indifference to make light of the ongoing Novopay fiasco and the resulting stresses on teachers and school admninistrators.

Parata may have been ‘joking’ when she made  her  “Karma” quip.

The joke, though, is on her and on John Key. I suspect that the moment this story hit the headlines, that Key was on the phone quick-smart and gave her a simple message; “shut the  – up!”.

As pundits have reasonable postulated, Key has evaded demands that Parata be despatched as Education Minister. (After all, only eight days ago he fired two other Ministers  who were nowhere as masterful in the  incompetance stakes  as Ms Parata.)

The difference, as the pundits have most likely correctly guessed, is that sacking Parata would’ve been seen as caving in to teacher’s unions, school boards, parents, and anyone else that she has pissed off in the last year or so. It would’ve been a major coup for the Opposition, who are now only 22 months away from becoming the next government.

So instead of sacking Parata, Key went for Plan B; side-line her so she is Minister of Education in name only, and assigned  National’s “hatchetman” – Stephen Joyce – as the real Power-behind-the-Ministerial-Leather-Throne,


Joyce to take on handling of Novopay

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In the meantime, Key’s message to Parata would’ve been simple,

Sit there.

Smile vacantly.

Shut up.

And do nothing.”

As I wrote in my previous blogpost (see: National and the Cult of Buck-Passing )  on 22 Decemberlast year,

As  for Hekia Parata, this blogger is ambivalent about her resigning her portfolio.

A new Minister would simply take up the reins and pursue current National Party policies. Perhaps with a new vigour. That would be of no help to this country whatsoever.

Parata’s presence as Minister of Education has an ongoing “benefit” of focusing on the ideological nuttiness of National’s education “reforms”.

National’s education portfolio is a mess because National’s policies are, in themselves, a mess.

Why take away a constant reminder of National’s failings, by sacking one of it’s most inept Ministers?

Why put a fresh, new, clean face on a cesspit of problematic policies?

Why let the Nats off the hook?

Let Parata stay. It will give voters something to think about in 2014 (if not earlier).

It seems that two of my “predictions” have come  to pass,

  1. A new Minister would simply take up the reins and pursue current National Party policies.” Enter: Stephen Joyce.
  2. Let Parata stay. It will give voters something to think about in 2014 (if not earlier).” With her bizarre comments, she certainly is giving voters something to think about.

When Hekia Parata referred to Karma today, I think she was missing the Big Picture. See the bite marks on Key’s $50 million arse?

That’s  karma.





Otago Daily Times: Joyce to take on handling of Novopay

NZ Herald: Parata safe in her job – Key

Dominion Post: No pay for Education Ministry staff

NZ Herald: ‘Karma’ strikes unpaid Education Ministry staff



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The Talleys Strikes Back (Part #Rua)

12 April 2012 2 comments


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Interesting image on that TV3 news item…

Anyone notice the incongruency of the image – and the caption beneath?



Affco CEO Hamish Simson said the union has not declared its total income, but was wrong

Really? So which one of the four figures in the image is CEO Hamish Simpson?




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The Talleys Strikes Back

11 April 2012 6 comments
(This blogpiece best viewed to “Darth Vader’s Imperial March. Click here)

Talleys AFFCO appears to be up to a spot of mischief-making…

AFFCO chief executive, Hamish Simson, has informed the media that AFFCO has laid a complaint with the Serious Fraud Office to investigate the financial accounts of the meat workers’ union. According to Simpson, there are “irregularities” in the Union’s  financial accounts.

Simspson claims  that,

It appears from the union’s published financial statements that only a fraction of its total income has been declaredAffco union members paid $5.95 a week each to the union, which totalled more than $500,000 a year.Affco workers represent less than 10 per cent of the 23,000 members the union says it has and yet it only declares revenue of just over $700,000 per annum.More and more of our staff are starting to question where their money has gone. With the union now asking the public for donations, every workers’ dollar must be accounted for.  ” – Source

It is noteworthy that the New Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountants has already investigated a similar complaint and found no evidence of wrong-doing.

When interviewed on Radio NZ’s Checkpoint,  Hamish Simpson appeared less than forthcoming on several important matters. He could not even state how many “AFFCO union members”  had  “started to question where their money has gone“.

Radio NZ: Listen to Checkpoint interview with Hamish Simson

Meatworker’s Union, National secretary Dave Eastlake, was not impressed, and replied

It hasn’t taken into account that the Meat Workers’ Union’s made up of four independent branches that collect the union fees off the members.They run autonomous accounts and have them audited and pay a capitation to the national office. All the complaint is about is the national office accounts.”

Radio NZ: Listen to Dave Eastlake on Checkpoint

It doesn’t take Quantum Physics to figure out what is happening here.

AFFCO are playing silly buggers. Dave Eastlake is right; this is a publity stunt.

But more than that, this  is a carefully orchestrated  attempt to wreck  the reputations of meatworkers and their Union in the publics’ mind. It is a similar ploy to the so-called  “Fact Sheet” that Ports of Auckland Ltd published which alleged that port workers were “remunerated” $91,000 p.a.

It is noteworthy that in his media statement,  Simpson referred to “the union now asking the public for donations“.

And that, I submit, is what this is all about; a battle for the hearts and minds of the public of New Zealand. It is a battle that POAL lost soon after the 5,000 strong street march on 10 March, and when the Employment Authority came down hard against the Port management and Board.

POAL have lost the struggle for public support.

POAL have all but lost the battle with the Courts.

Talleys AFFCO are witnessing a similar  campaign to build public support for locked-out meatworkers, in the media, on Blogs, and in the community.  Perhaps they understand that locking out workers, who were supporting families, is not a particularly good look. In fact, this blogger goes as far as to suggest that Talley’s management have stuffed up Big Time, and are only now beginning to comprehend their precarious  position.

The fact that a public boycott of Talley’s products can actually damage their brand name and impact on their profitability is only now beginning to dawn on them?

With this blog, and others, and social media supporting a boycott – Talleys AFFCO is in trouble.

Which explains their incredibly clumsy ploy to smear the Meatworkers Union.  Bad form, Talleys.

This blogger hopes that when the Serious Fraud Office dismisses the allegations, that the SFO will then  prosecute Talley’s management for wasting Police time.  That is a crime.

In the meantime, I refer folks to a previous blogpost on how meatworkers can be supported in many little ways.

See: Help Talley’s Affco Workers!

If you’re reading this and are pissed of at Talleys AFFCO’s dirty tricks campaign, you can make a quick $5 donation by calling: 0900 562 5688 . It’s a nice, easy way to vent your anger and support the locked out workers at the same time.

Karma’s a bitch‘ as they say, and  at $5 it’s pretty damned cheap as well.


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+++ Update +++


Full Story


That takes care of this piece of BS.

As this blogger predicted yesterday, the SFO found nothing untoward or “irregular” in the Meatworkers Union accounts.  Talleys AFFCO agenda was to smear and discredit the Union – nothing else. The Serious Fraud Office must be mightily annoyed at being dragged into an industrial dispute as a pawn by company bosses.

One hope the SFO invoices or prosecutes Talleys for wasting Police time.


Media reports

Port admits leaking worker’s details – union



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From the “Silly Season” File…

Name suppression bid for alleged scammer who got scammed

A prominent Bay of Plenty man who allegedly fraudulently made $830,000, and then lost it to a “Nigerian 419 scam” went to the Court of Appeal today to try to keep his name suppressed.

The Serious Fraud Office (SFO) has laid four charges of obtaining by deception against the man, whose lawyer asked the Court of Appeal in Auckland to overturn a High Court ruling dismissing the accused’s bid to keep his name secret.  The man allegedly made $830,000 by fraudulent means, which he went on to invest in an African-based scheme.

The Rotorua Daily Post reported he expected to make US$5 million (NZD$5.9 million) from the investment.
The SFO’s general manager of fraud and corruption Nick Patterson said this turned out to be a con, with the hallmarks of a “Nigerian 419 scam”.

“This isn’t necessarily one of those but it appears to be something similar,” he said.

The scams, many of which operate out of Nigeria, usually involve a letter or email which is sent to many – sometimes millions – of recipients making an offer that would purportedly result in a large payout for the victim.

Although the vast majority of recipients do not respond, a small percentage do – enough to make the fraud worthwhile.

Sums of money which are substantial, but less than the promised profit, are said to be required in advance for things like bribes and fees.

This is then stolen from the victim.

The accused man’s lawyer Jeremy Bioletti today said that even if his client was convicted of fraud he could still be said to be a victim of a transnational crime.

Mr Bioletti submitted that this meant he fell into a separate category from people charged with only a domestic crime.

“Because he would fall outside the normal parameters of domestic criminal defendants it would stand to reason that his position needs to be assessed in accordance with the unique factors that apply to it.

“In exceptional circumstances arguments in favour of name suppression based on international obligations may prevail over the principle of open justice.”

The panel of three judges – Justices Lyn Stevens, Judith Potter and Ronald Young – reserved their decision. The man’s trial is set down for October.

A scammer got scammed. You’re probably thinking the same thing I am about this bloke.

1. He deserved it.

2. Is it my imagination, or is Karma working a lot faster than it used to, once upon a time?



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Rider dies in helmet protest fall.

“A motorcyclist participating in a protest ride against helmet laws went over his handlebars, hit his head on the pavement and was killed, police said Sunday. The motorcyclist, 55-year-old Philip A Contos, likely would have survived the accident if he’d been wearing a helmet, state troopers said. 

The accident happened Saturday afternoon (Sunday, NZ time) in Onondaga, a town in central New York near Syracuse. 

Contos was riding a 1983 Harley-Davidson on a helmet protest ride organised by the Onondaga chapter of American Bikers Aimed Towards Education, or ABATE, troopers told The Post-Standard of Syracuse. The organisation states that it encourages the voluntary use of helmets but opposes mandatory helmet laws. Contos, of Parish, hit his brakes, and his motorcycle fishtailed and went out of control, flipping him over the handlebars, police said. He was pronounced dead at a hospital. 

New York is one of 20 states that require all motorcycle riders to wear helmets. Lobbying by motorcyclist groups has led some states to repeal helmet laws. 

A helmet that meets federal standards reduces the wearer’s chances of being killed in an accident by more than 40 per cent, said safety consultant Jim Hedlund, of the Governors Highway Safety Association.”  Source

I guess the moral of this story is fairly self-evident; do not mess with Karma, the Universe, Providence, or The Fates. They will win every time.