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Missionary, doggie, cowgirl, or -?

23 November 2012 11 comments



National MP, Kanwaljit Bakshi Singh, asked this extraordinary question in Parliament,

If you get married, who will be identified as husband, and who will be identified as wife?

See: Interesting questions at gay marriage bill hearing

This, I submit to the reader, is a pretty good indication how ridiculous and pathetic the whole issue becomes when Parliament intrudes into the private lives of consenting adults (aided and abetted by some extremist religious groups who feel they have a monopoly of certain institutions).

We now have the bizarre spectacle of a Member of Parliament asking some fairly personal questions that – if I went up to some strangers in a bar – would probably earn me a smack in the head.

But let’s take this situation to it’s natural conclusion. If Mr Singh feels it appropriate to ask personal questions about peoples’ personal lives, my questions to him are;

  1. Does he prefer missionary, doggie, cowgirl, or perhaps something a little more exotic from the Kama Sutra?
  2. Does he and Mrs Singh ever do the Wild Thing somewhere other than the marital bedroom? Kitchen? Attic? Laundry?
  3. Spit or swallow?

As a taxpayer who pays for Mr Singh’s Parliamentary career, and now his opportunity to delve into people’s private lives, I feel I have a new-found right to make these enquiries of Mr Singh.

Actually, I think all Parliamentarians should answer these questions! (Except John Banks. I really don’t want to know. )

This is how utterly stupid the debate on marriage equality can get, when those in “authority” believe they have a moral right to sit in judgement of others, and ask loathsome questions of their private lives.

And if our society applied the same standard of bigotry against Mr Singh that he levelled at the two gay men who appeared at the Select Committee hearing today (22 Nov) – a Whites Only racist society might not have been so welcoming toward him when he applied to  immigrate to this country.

Thankfully, he doesn’t have to face a system of apartheid here…

One wonders about his own bigotry.



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