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Letter to the editor – “An Alarmed World” according to The Listener

29 September 2014 2 comments


Frank Macskasy - letters to the editor - Frankly Speaking


This recent editorial from”The Listener”  is not one I ever thought I’d see…


The Listener - an alarmed world - war propaganda


My response…


from: Frank Macskasy <>
to: Listener <>
date: Mon, Sep 29, 2014
subject: Letter to the Editor


The editor
The Listener
Regarding your editorial, “An Alarmed World”, on 27 September; since when did “The Listener” publish war propaganda from the US State Department?

In terms of alarmist jingoism, it ticked all the boxes.

The anonymous editorialist wrote,
“Perhaps it’s time to consider what the world’s fate might have been without the moral resolve exhibited by Churchill and Roosevelt in World War II.”

I would re-word that simplistic nonsense with this point,”Perhaps it’s time to consider what the world’s fate might have been without the dishonest ‘weapons of mass destruction’ propaganda exhibited by Bush and Blair prior to the Invasion of Iraq.”

Instead of “an alarmed world” – which no doubt your editorial  contributed it’s small part – we should be looking at an informed world.

War propaganda is anathema to an informed populace.

Shame on “The Listener” for publishing such jingoistic nonsense. The majority of your  readers are too intelligent to swallow that kind of flag-waving redneckery.
-Frank Macskasy

[address & phone number supplied]




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