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Beginning of the End?



A recent Horizon Poll, at the end of September had National far lower than other polling has presented up till now;


National: 39.5% (up 2.2% since July),

Act: 4.8%

United Future: 0.8%.

National led coalition:  46.2%

National – ACT – Maori – United Future coalition:  61 MPs

Labour : 27% (no change)

Green Party: 10.7% (+ 0.5%)

New Zealand First: 7.3% (+1.3%)

Labour-Green-New Zealand First coalition: 45%

Labour – Greens – New Zealand First: 58 MPs

Labour would need Mana to govern.

Source: Horizon Polls, 25 September 2011

Taken by itself, the Horizon Poll is but one of many. However, that poll seems to have greater significance when online betting and predictions site, Ipredict,   had this interesting result,




Can it be that Brand Key, like Brand Adidas, is finally losing some of it’s sheen?

It will be intreresting to see  other polling results.