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Lies, Boards, and Aucklandports (#Toru)

12 March 2012 5 comments


"Collective contract? You'll take what you're given, sonny-jim, or I'll plug ya full'o'neoliberal lead!"


With the recent propagandising undertaken by Ports of Auckland Ltd (POAL) , using ratepayer’s money, I thought it might be timely to actually put some earnings into perspective.

The following figures are all taken  from various sources, and collated for your perusal and consideration.


Incomes for Various

(All figures gross)




Graeme Hart, NZ’s richest man



Current worth: NZ$7 billion
Paul Reynolds, Telecom CEO



* To year ending June 2009* Not including $5,303,000 in bonuses, allowances, & perks
Prime Minister John Key



Not including perks & allowances
Cabinet Ministers



Not including perks & allowances
Members of Parliament



Not including perks & allowances
POAL CEO Tony Gibson



Not including perks & allowances
POAL Board Directors

$70,833 (ea.)


Total fees; $425,000 p.a. divided by 6 Directors. (Part time positions)
POAL Stevedores



* Not including allowances
Australian Stevedores

Grade1: NZ$40,414 (A$31,429)

Grade6: NZ$60,528 (A$47,070)

Grade1: NZ$19.43 (A$15.11)

Grade6: NZ$29.10 (A$22.63)

* Figures in NZ dollars (Australian dollars) Oanda Currency Converter Rate A1:NZ1.286


All figures based on sources below.



NZ Herald:  NZ’s richest man rises up Forbes Rich List

NBR:  How Paul Reynolds’ pay stacks up against the competition

NZ Herald:  Two men and a port in a storm

Members of Parliament Salaries payable under section 16 of Civil List Act 1979

Ports of Auckland Ltd (POAL) 2010-2011 Financial Report (p18)

Ports of Auckland Ltd (POAL) The Facts

Australian Stevedoring Industry Award 2010


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3 August 2011 3 comments




If anyone is still under the cherished illusion that New Zealand is any longer the egalitarian society that our forebears worked hard to create… then those folk are not paying attention.

When the richest man is worth $6.5 billion – one billion more than last year – whilst schools in low socio-economic areas are having to re-introduce school milk, one needs to ask;  “what is wrong with this picture?”.


At The ‘Coal Face’…



For those of us with a good memory, we may recall the late 1990s, and the worsening gap between the highest 10% of income earners, and those near the bottom of the socio-economic ladder. We may recall the social services that had been wound back; low taxes for the rich; and worsening social indicators at almost every level.

On 3 April 1998, Southland dairy farmer Colin Morrison (42) died on a waiting list, awaiting a triple heart bypass surgery. In death, Mr Morrison symbolised everything that was terribly wrong with the health system in the late 1990s.  Public anger mounted as an unpopular government seemed unable to respond to concerns that our public services were being run down in the name of “efficiency”.

Little wonder that there was a 11.55% swing toward Labour in the 1999 General election – the electorate had had a gutsful of neoliberal policies resulting in growing inequality and social problems that seemingly went unheeded.

We are moving along that road, once again.

The question is; will we have to have for another term of National/ACT before New Zealanders once again tire of neoliberal policies that promise so much – and deliver so little?

– Thursday, 28 July 2011


* * *



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