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What’s up with the Nats? (Part wha)

20 August 2012 4 comments


Continued from: What’s up with the Nats and ACT? (Part toru)



The Tories are slipping.

Firstly, if you’re a politician representing an actual electorate, and you promised to do something for your constituents (remember them – the folk who were nice enough to elect you into Parliament?) – then you damn well  do it




Secondly, if you decide at the last minute to back out – because you realise that representing your constituents conflicts with your ultra-cosy relationship with you corporate backers – then make sure that everyone is telling the same lie.

Because it ain’t a good look, Mr English, when one of your cronies fellow MP’s  explanation for your absence conflicts with that given by your office;

Eric Roy:  “Apparently the acting Prime Minister has just been caught up with something that’s captured his time and he’s asked me to accept it on his behalf – which I’m very happy to do. We kind of work together a bit in the South.”

– vs –

Mr English’s office:  “He pulled out at the last minute because the Government must be seen to be objective, and he would meet petition organisers later in the day“.

And politicians wonder why we don’t trust them?!

Well, wonder no more, Member for Clutha-Southland.

Just as well that Clutha-Southland is a National safe-seat. Voters there would probably vote for a piece of furniture if it had the blue “N” logo stamped on it.

So not much hope there that voters would take umbrage at being lied to, Mr English.

Just don’t do it again.

(Or at least, hide it better.)



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