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I do not condone this…

23 August 2014 1 comment


Banks' mudslinger  -  'I did it, but I'm not guilty'


I won’t spend too much time on this – it’s not worthy of attention except from the Courts.

I’ll state the obvious that I am no fan of right wing politics; neo-liberalism; the ACT Party, or John Banks’ beliefs. We are diametrically opposed in our world-view.

I will say, though, that throwing a bucket of manure at another person is not a political statement. It is a lazy, inane, brainless way to make a point. Any buffoon with barely two inter-connecting neurons can do it.

A real, effective, political statement may be more time-consuming but is one that ultimately gets people thinking. The only thought that crossed my mind about Sam Bracanov’s behaviour is “silly old bugger”.

Trying to justify his assault by saying,

“I’m not guilty. I protect New Zealand people not to behave like sheep.”

– is a limp joke.

All that Sam Bracanov has achieved is garner sympathy for John Banks and make left-wing activists look like nutters.

No thanks.

That is not how New Zealanders – Left or Right or Up or Down – should be doing politics.

Grow up, Sam.




NZ Herald:  Banks’ mudslinger: ‘I did it, but I’m not guilty’




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