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Marriage equality? Have YOUR say – courtesy of Family First!

1 August 2012 4 comments



Conservative, quasi-religious, anti-gay/lesbian organisation, “Family First”, has created a website to oppose marriage equality for gays and lesbians.

For some odd, indefinable reason, these “Family First”  blokes (and blokettes), seem to be labouring under the misapprehension that allowing marriage equality to all consenting adults, regardless of sexual-orientation, somehow impinges on their lives and  human rights.

Buggered if  I know why.

To me, it’s fairly plain and simple; if you’re a bloke of the straight-bloke persuasion, and you don’t fancy marrying another bloke – it’s simple. Don’t marry him.


Ditto if you’re a blokette of the straight-blokette persuasion. Don’t fancy your hairdresser, ‘Trixie’? Cool. Don’t marry her.


In opposing marriage equality for gays and lesbians, “Family First” sez,

If it weren’t for the fact that sexual intercourse between a man and a woman leads to children and brings with it a further obligation to care for those children, the notion of marriage would probably never have existed…”

Ancient “notions of marriage  ” also included people in power (usually males), having 50+ wives.

Also, referring to  the ” fact that sexual intercourse between a man and a woman leads to children ” is a bit mis-leading. Not all marriages lead to children. Especially for those who are sterile; too old; carry a contagious organism (eg; HIV); or simply choose not to have children – does that mean their marriages are invalid?

What says “Family First’s” director, Bob  McCoskrie on those points?

Next, “Family First” states,

The state – which did not invent marriage – has no authority to re-invent it.

Fine. In which case we should get rid of all laws enacted by the State, relating to marriage and just have a free-for-all?! Hmmm, “Family First” is more radical than I believed.

Anyway, I’d like to thank “Family First” for assisting the cause for marriage equality.

“Family First”, under their front-organisation, “Protect Marriage”, has set up a website whereby folks can email all 121 MPs, to support equal rights for gays and lesbians to marry (if they so wish),


Click here


Simply go to the page above; lick on “All MP’s”; and fill in the email form. Easy peasy.

What a nice bunch these “Family First” folk are, helping us to support marriage equality by providing a platform by which to contact members of parliament.






And by the way… the term “Family First” in marriage is a bit of a mis-nomer. Christians prefer that you get Married First; then have a Family Second. Or is Bob  McCoskrie advocating sex before marriage?!

Naughty boy!



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John Key has another un-named source???

3 April 2012 8 comments



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John Key continues to bury his head in the sand regarding Skycity’s demand for 500 extra pokie-machines, in return for a $350 million convention centre.

Considerable community concern has been expressed that National’s close connections with Skycity may result in more pokie machines, with the inevitable consequence of increased problem gambling.  Even the neo-conservative organisation, “Family First” has condemned National and Skycity’s plans to expand it’s operations.

National Director of Family First, Bob McCoskrie, said,

Tourists come to see the country and the culture – not the casinos. If tourists were really focused on gambling, they would be going to Las Vegas – not the Sky City casino venue in Auckland.”

“Casinos thrive on the false promise of getting rich quickly, but the reality is that those who can least afford to gamble are gambling themselves deeper into debt. The government should be protecting families – not fleecing them. It is ironic that the government is targeting loan sharks at the same time as increasing the number of pokie machines.” – Source

McCoskrie said that “there are far too many pokie machines in our communities. Recent figures show one  machine for every 180 kiwis, yet one for every 4000 in US“.

Indeed. Here in New Zealand, we do ‘Dumb‘ exceedingly well.

The Green Party has been particularly scathing of National’s intention to amend legislation, to facilitate Skycity’s expansion plans.

Green Party spokesperson, Kevin Hague, condemned National’s irresponsibility in no uncertain terms,

The profits that Sky City believes it can extract from vulnerable gamblers are obviously immense to make it worthwhile for them to build the centre.

This ‘public policy for sale’ approach by the Government is strongly reminiscent of its rush to change industrial relations law to suit another multinational corporate, Warner Brothers.

I predict that the ‘behind closed doors’ negotiations between the Government and Sky City will find ways of allowing Sky City to extract more profit from the New Zealand public without needing to change the law, thereby entirely shutting the public out from having a say.

The extraordinary hardship and suffering caused by the gambling industry in New Zealand should see the Government trying to find ways of reducing the size and reach of the industry, not cosying up to it and making the regulatory framework looser.” – Source

Why is it that everything has a fair degree of common sense on this issue – except National?!

The Prime Minister, John “Dear Leader” Key, has been in utter denial about the destructive effects of gambling addiction.  It’s not just his head that is buried in the sand – he’s climbed in, and buried himself.

Amongst other statements of unbelievable naivety, Dear Leader has stated,

In a casino they are in a better environment say than attached to a pub deliberating targeting low income people in South Auckland.” – Source

Yeah, right.

Because low income people don’t go to casinos!?

Actually, they do. This blogger has visited Skycity Casino on a couple of occassions. (No, I didn’t place a bet. If I wanted to waste money, it’s easier to throw it out the window.) On both occassions, judging by dress style; worn clothing and shoes; and other tell-tale signs, many of those who seemed cybernetically linked to rows of pokie machines – were from low-income households.

I could not recall a single person in a suit, or upmarket dress, on the pokies.


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But perhaps the most eye-opening aspect of  Keys comments was when he  referred to  a “professor” from  University of Adelaide – whom he did not namewho had told of  a gambling studies conference in 2008, where it was claimed that Sky City’s host responsibility programme was “probably the most advanced in the world“.

An un-named source?

Another one?

Is this Un-named Source related to the other Un-named Source, who had supposedly emailed John Key about a supposed meeting – where Standard & Poors had supposedly claimed that New Zealand would have had a credit down-grade had there been a Labour Government in office??

(Which, later, Standard & Poors  rejected as being untrue.)

The same Un-named Source who supposedly sent Key this unsigned email,




But it strikes me as symptomatic of the bizarre “JohnKey  In Wonderland” we have created in our country when  the Prime Minister bases government policy on mysterious, un-named sources, who we cannot discuss; nor debate; nor even understand; because we know nothing about his/her/it’s credentials.

Too many of these Un-named Sources floating around. Hard to keep track of them.  We need to start numbering them.

Or, here’s an idea, give them names?

And just maybe, New Zealanders need to be just a little less trusting of the man – whose name I  will keep confidential – who is our Prime Minister.


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