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Random Thoughts on Random Things #2…

21 October 2013 3 comments



John Palino


John Palino. Cameron Slater. John Slater.

That’s quite a nasty, toxic little clique that Ms Chuang has gotten herself mixed up with.

What’s that old saying about supping with the devil? (Or his three mortal minions, for that matter.)

And does Slater’s nasty little tabloid trash mean that it is now open season on all right wing politicians and their own sordid little affairs?

If I was a National MP or Minister, I would be ruing the day Slater published his dirty little story on Len Brown and Bevan Chuang. Because now they are now all legitimate targets for left-wing bloggers. Is the House of National (and Slater, for that matter) purer than snow?

We shall see.

As for Ms Chuang – none of those three men (Palino, Slater Senior, Slater junior) mean her well.

As The Doctor says to his companions – when faced with nefarious forces of darkness – run!!



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