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Police-inspired craziness ends.

22 August 2011 1 comment

About time.

This case should never have proceeded as far as it did. The mis-use of police power in this matter has brought the entire Police Force into disrepute.

Thankfully, saner heads have prevailed.

More here, though I am not fully comfortable with the ex;planation given by Police in this matter. Their “explanation” appears to be more one of a face-saving excuse, rather than an impartial look at the events that transpired that night.

One question that is unanswered is why this matter has taken exactly six months to resolve. Surely this was not a complex issue at all and if a relatively simple case like this can take six months for the Police to come to a satisfactory conclusion – then there is something seriously wrong.


Dumber and dumber…

6 August 2011 1 comment


I understand that the Police in Christchurch are stressed, tired, and are burdened with keeping their community safe over the last twelve months.

That is the only rational reason why they seem to have lost the facility for basic common sense, in regards to Cornelius Arie Smith-Voorkam.



I understand that the Police have a tough job. I understand that they deal with awful situations that many of us only glimpse on tv shows like “Police Ten 7”. But I also understand that someone in the Police Force should have realised the mess they were creating for themselves and called a halt.  Police HQ should have intervened; had a quiet word with Inspector Derek Erasmus; and sent Arie on his way.

In this instance, the Police have done more harm to their reputation than any organised crime gang ever could.

Defendent: NZ Police

Charge sheet: Lack of common sense

Public verdict: guilty


Simon Power, Minister of Justice

Judith Collins, Minister of Police


+++ Update +++



It seems that a measure of common sense has been shown here, with regards to TVNZ.

Let’s hope the police “offer no evidence” (ie; drop all charges), when Arie next appears in Court. This ridiculous farce has gone on far too long.