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Dear Leader; prescriptions, airline taxes, and priorities


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Continued from: National prescribes bad medicine for the poor


Whacking the poor and bashing the benes…

National thinks nothing of raising prescription charges, from $3 to $5. As Dear Leader has assured New Zealanders, the poor have nothing to fear about more expensive medication.

John Key, with an estimated value of $55 million, of course understands what it’s like for the poorest in our society to pay for healthcare.


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Once upon a time, prescriptions used to be free of charge. Then a “part charge” of 50 cents per prescription was introduced during the 1980s/90s  neo-liberal “reforms”.

The argument was that everyone could afford 50 cents.

Then the charge was raised to $3 per item.

Now National will raise it to $5.

This is what is colloquially known as The Slippery Slope. The Slippery Slope is where a governments wants to implement a certain policy – but knowing that it will be highly unpopular, will introduce it gradually, in small increments.

Fifty cents. $3. $5. Next – ?


Key is up in arms about the Australian government’s plans to increase it’s airport departure tax from A$8 to A$55, per traveller.

See:  Travel chiefs declare war on airline tax

Evidently, according to one of Dear Leader’s  spokespeople, Key  “would raise the matter with Julia Gillard “shortly”.”

It’s reassuring to know that John Key takes his Tourism portfolio so seriously. This is a vital issue.

After all, no unemployed person; solo-parent; part-time worker on the minimum wage; or superannuitant wants to be distracted from their re-budgetting, to take into account more expensive medicines,  by the worrisome issue of  tourists facing higher airport charges.

Thankfully, Dear Leader is on the job.

John Key knows what his priorities are.




In a previous blogpost, National prescribes bad medicine for the poor , this blogger stated that tax cuts must inevitably result in reduced services and/or increased User Charges,

Common sense will tell even the most die-hard National groupie that if you reduce revenue, then one  has to cut expenditure and services; borrow to make up the shortfall; raise  user-charges; or all three. There ain’t no other way.”

Dear Leader has confirmed this by saying that because National was planning  a “zero Budget” (aka Black Budget), that would result in  “either an increase in charging or a reduction in expenditure“.

Key has stated that we should expect more increases in User Charges.

Message to National Party supporters and voters:  still enjoying your tax cuts?

See:  Opposition attacks prescription charge hike



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