Media contacts


Newspapers & Magazines

Daily News,

Daily Post (250 words)

Dominion Post (200 word limit)

Hutt News

Listener (300 word limit)

Manawatu Standard (200 word limit))

NZ Herald (200 word limit)

North and South (400 word limit)

Northern Advocate (200 word limit?)

Northland Age (200 word limit?)

Otago Daily Times (150 words)

The Press (150 words)

Southland Times (250 words)

Sunday Star Times (150 word limit)

Waikato Times (200 words)

Wairarapa Times-Age,

The Wellingtonian, (200 word limit)


Electronic Media


Radio NZ, Chris Laidlaw

Radio NZ, Kim Hill

Radio NZ, Mora, Jim

Radio NZ, Morning Report

Radio NZ, Nine To Noon

TVNZ News,

Important notes

1. Always include your full name, address (not a PO Box), and contact number. Your address and phone number won’t be published, and are simply required to ensure that letter-writers are not using other peoples’ details.

For example, at the bottom of each letter,

Jane Smith
1 Everywhere St

021 000 001
(09) 123 4567

2. Send only one letter to one media. Media generally don’t like it if you send the same letter to multiple recipients. They prefer each letter to be unique.

3. When writing a letter from scratch, try to mention a specific politician BY NAME. Eg;  “What is John Key thinking, selling our own assets back to us?”, or, “Paula Bennett’s tinkering of welfare and blaming the unremployed for their plight will not create the 170,000 new jobs which John Key promised us last year.”.

Mentioning a politician by name ensures a strong possibility it will be noticed by their clipping service; extracted from the relevant media; and placed on their desk for his/her attention.

4. When writing a letter from scratch, newspapers generally prefer a word length of 200-250 words. Magazines such as “North & South”, “Listener”, etc, have larger word-maximums.

5. When writing a letter from scratch, keep your letter polite, but firm. Media editors don’t publish abusive letters.

6. For proof-reading letters, feel free to email to: Frank Macskasy,


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