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Letter to the editor – John Key’s broken promises, a habit?


Frank Macskasy - letters to the editor - Frankly Speaking


from: Frank Macskasy <fmacskasy@gmail.com>
to: Sunday Star Times <letters@star-times.co.nz>
date: Thu, Jul 23, 2015
subject: Letter to the editor


The editor
Sunday Star Times


If recent recent comments by Finance Minister, Bill English, are any indication, National appears to be engaging in a “softening up the public” exercise for further asset sales. On 23 July, English announced at a Commerce Commission conference;

“Why do you want us to keep owning broadcast media – it was worth a billion, it’s worth $300 million today, and soon it will be worth nothing. Same with post offices – was worth a billion, worth $300 million today, soon be worth nothing.” (Radio NZ, “No plans to sell SOE ‘relics’ – English”)

Yet, only seven months before last year’s September General Election, our esteemed Prime Minister promised no further asset sales after Genesis Energy was partially privatised;

“The truth is there aren’t a lot of other assets that would fit in the category where they would be either appealing to take to the market or of a size that would warrant a further programme, or they sit in the category that they are very large like Transpower but are monopoly assets so aren’t suited.” (NZ Herald, “PM: no more SOEs to sell after Genesis”

One can only assume that collapsing dairy prices will impact on tax revenue to a greater magnitude than the government has been advised and English is desperate to look at any alternative income revenue.

The sale of State houses was an unmitigated disaster. It seems that other State assets may be on the block soon.

So much for John Key keeping his word.

This is becoming a habit.


-Frank Macskasy


[address & phone number supplied]




NZ Herald: PM – no more SOEs to sell after Genesis

Radio NZ: No plans to sell SOE ‘relics’ – English









= fs =

  1. 26 July 2015 at 9:24 am

    don’t you know we have rock star economy

    • 26 July 2015 at 8:31 pm

      So I’ve been told, Darth…

      It’s like the old Soviet announcements; “production of pig iron is up by 100% and Soviet standard of living has surpassed the West”. I think the Nats are using the same propaganda spin doctors…

  2. 26 July 2015 at 9:29 am

    as tvnz there broadcast model is worthless app like popcorn time ,bitorrent, streaming wipped those pricks out

    • 26 July 2015 at 8:33 pm

      Yeah, we don’t watch much TV either… A bit of “Big Bang Theory”… “Q+A” and “The Nation”… Nothing much else comes to mind. As for Reality TV (especially on TV3) – I’d rather flush my toilet and watch the poo swirl away. Not much difference.

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