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When the teflon is stripped away…


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To re-cap something I wrote on 13 September, regarding a hard-hitting interview between “The Nation’s” Lisa Owen and John Key;

For possibly the first time since Stephen Sackur interviewed Key on Hard Talk in May, 2011, this [ TV3’s Lisa Owen on “The Nation”, and our esteemed  Prime Minister] was a moment when our Prime Minister faced serious hard questioning and was not allowed to wriggle his way out with nonsensical, glib answers.

Since Nicky Hager’s revelations and the sacking of Judith Collins, Key’s preternatural teflon-shield has been stripped away. He is now just another politician, and if by some miracle he successfully leads the next government post 20 September, he will find  his interactions with journalists becoming harder and harder.

It may not be what he says that lowers his esteem in the public eye. It will be the way he says it.

Lisa Owen was simply the first.

Ms Owen was definitely not the only one, and on 25 November, this extraordinary hard-hitting interview between Radio NZ’s Mary Wilson and John Key took place,


Prime Minister is insisting his office is in the clear - John Key - checkpoint - radio nz - 25 november2014

Alternative link


Other interviews have taken place, to varying degrees of intensity. From this tepid piece by self-professed National Party-sympathiser, and TV personality, Mike Hosking, on “Seven Sharp“;



Prime Minister  - John Key - seven sharp - mike hosking - tvnz - 25 november2014


To an actual, more incisive interview from a professional, and non-partisan journalist, John Campbell; (Interview starts at 8.10)


Key - John Campbel - 25 november 2014


As the scandals, gaffes, lies, and other political shenanigans emerge in the coming months, Key can expect a more torrid time with the media.  With his teflon stripped away, the media’s preternatural deference to Dear Leader has evaporated.

The interviews and questions will become harder (except from National sycophants such as Hosking and Paul Henry) and his answers less accepted. He will be challenged more often and the public will awake from their slumber to realise with dawning disgust, that on 20 September, they elected a lying charlatan.

Key should be praying that there are no by-elections between now and the 2017 General Election. Not counting Maori Party support, National’s majority in the House is still slim.




Postscript: The PM really should stop wearing the anti-violence-toward-women White Ribbon and just go back to the Silver Fern corporate-logo he usually wears.


Key - white ribbon - silver fern


Does he think the White Ribbon will garner him more sympathy and support from the public?




Radio NZ:  John Key refuses to accept Slater link

TVNZ: Seven Sharp

TV 3: Campbell Live

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This blogpost was first published on The Daily Blog on 28 November 2014



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