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Guest Author: An Open Letter to John Key – Why should the PM be any different?

– Tim O’Shea



Up Yours, New Zealand




Dear John

This is a message for you – please refer to the attached photo.

I just wanted to make it clear that this is from me personally, as an individual, as a person, as someone’s brother, cousin, father and uncle. I’m not going to hide behind a weak excuse that I am instead doing this as an employee, as a professional, or any other weak as piss argument.

We are all accountable for our words and actions – we can not, with any credibility or integrity, even half-reasonably suggest that we can somehow separate or distance ourselves from inappropriate actions and behaviour on the basis that we did it as an individual, or “in the line of duty”, or vice versa!

We expect high standards from our All Blacks, or for that matter, anyone representing New Zealand. Would we accept the excuse that “I got pissed the night before a test match as an individual, not as an AB”?

Why should the PM be any different? This is the most important and prestigious (and in theory, most honourable and respected) position in the country. Why should we accept such low standards of behaviour and integrity from you, Mr Key?

I’m quite surprised that Bill Clinton didn’t just say “I put my willy where I shouldn’t have as an individual, and not as the President”. Of course, no one would have accepted this as a reasonable defence, and Bill Clinton wouldn’t dare to insult people’s intelligence with such a farcical argument.

However, Mr Key, you expect us all to accept much lower standards. You treat all New Zealanders like idiots.

What goes round comes around. Your time will come.


– Tim O’Shea