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Voting turnout affected by bad weather?




NZ, Upper Hutt, 20 September –  Cold, wet weather in the Hutt Valley, north of Wellington may be impacting on voter turn-out.

A head-count of people visiting the Trentham School Voting Station in Moonshine Rd, Upper Hutt, indicated a slow stream of voters between 11am and 1pm. Between 11am to mid-day, this blogger counted 147 voters casting their ballots, as they braved a cold and steady drizzle blanketing the region. Between 12 noon and 1pm, this had dropped to 104.

During this period there were only brief rushes of people entering the school hall. At other times Voting Staff out-numbered voters.

High early voting over the last two weeks may also be a factor.


Trentham School - 20 September - election Day - polling station

The entrance to Trentham School in Upper Hutt, where bad weather is affecting voter turn-out


One Voting Station official said the bad weather would definitely have a negative impact on voter-turn-out.

The weather is forecast to ease later today, and  may prompt people who have not voted, to venture out to cast their ballots.




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Above image acknowledgment: Francis Owen/Lurch Left Memes



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