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Three suggestions for Labour


20 September


After all the blogposts and policy suggestions, it all boils down to these three pieces of advice for Labour;


1. Minister for Children


The Leader of the Labour Party should make the strategic decision that, should Labour lead the next government post 20 September, that David Cunliffe will create a new role; Minister for Children.

Not only because Child Poverty is becoming the defining “issue” (actually, more like a slowly developing crisis) of this decade – but because this alone differentiates Labour from National.

National’s “brand” is pro-business.

Labour’s “brand” is pro-people.

What better way to remind people of this truism than by David Cunliffe announcing before the election that should he lead the next government, that eliminating the scourge of child poverty from our fair nation will be the top priority of his administration. Therefore, unlike the current Prime Minister who is ostensibly the “Minister for Tourism” but who spends his holidays on a beach in Hawaii – a Labour Prime Minister will take his role more seriously.

What more serious role can an elected leader have, than to take responsibility for the next generation?

David Cunliffe
Prime Minister
Minister for Children

It just sounds right.


2. Coalition Partners


For god’s sakes – stop slagging off  potential coalition partners. It shows Labour to be insecure, petty, and desperate for votes.

National demonstrates it’s supreme confidence as a party fit to govern by working alongside other parties.

In the last few weeks, various attacks by Labour MPs on the Green Party and Mana-Internet have both shocked and dismayed many activists. These activists are the core support who believe and work toward a progressive government.

If they are demoralised at the meaness of spirit shown by certain Labour MPs – and at Cunliffe’s silence on the matter – then what on Earth is the public to think? How can the voting public see Labour as fit-to-govern when it shows no willingness to work alongside potential coalition partners?

The public want politicians to work together for the benefit of the country. If they cannot see collegial behaviour from Labour – they will either not bother to vote, or will vote for a party that has demonstrated a willingness and capability to work collectively with others.

All the grand policies and eloquent speeches will count for nothing, if all that voters see is a bunch of fractious, mean-spirited, politicians bad-mouthing others.

The public are not fools. Do not think they have not noticed.


3. Who Dares, wins elections!


Be bold.

Give the country something else to vote for. Give them a positive vision that we can be better than just “consumers”. We are also be citizens, and New Zealand has done great things in the past.

We can do great things again.




Never surrender your vote

Above image acknowledgment: Francis Owen/Lurch Left Memes



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