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Japanese Whaling Ships can just p*ss off!

News today that  Japanese whaling boats entered our exclusive economic zone (EEZ) in the Southern Ocean is not just cause for concern and an insult – but shows the extent to which Japan will go arrogantly pursue it’s goals to kill whales for the patently bullshit pretence of “scientific research”;


Diplomat summoned over Japan whaling


The best place for whaling boats from any country is not in our EEZ – but at the bottom of the sea. These mass killing machines have no place in our waters and the Japanese government must be told in no uncertain terms that the next incursion will result in precisely the same response that Japan gave to China in August 2012;


The Japan-China Territorial Dispute is Serious, and Escalating


The Japanese government was furious at the unwanted incursion of Chinese vessels in their EEZ waters and promptly despatched naval warships to “escort” the intruders out of their waters.

So any suggestion that New Zealand has no moral and legal (?) authority to do likewise is self-serving hypocrisy by groups such as the NZ-based, Japanese-funded so-called “Institute of Cetacean Research“. The Japanese government wasted no time in expelling Chinese vessels from their waters- New Zealand should do the same next time.

If there is a third occassion of an intrusion, any whaling ships should be seized; impounded; and the captain prosecuted. Seized Whaling vessels should end up scraped and the proceeds either used to off-set governments costs, or donated between Greenpeace and Sea Shepherd.

Minister of Foreign Affairs, Murray McCully, should take note,

“… Japan’s deputy foreign minister summoned the Chinese ambassador to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and delivered a formal protest over the Chinese “intrusion”.”

That is a good start.

Meanwhile, it is outrageous that the  so-called “Institute of Cetacean Research” – a front for the Japanese whaling industry – has justified the incursion and has suggested that Japanese whalers may repeat the exercise if instructed by their owners;

“Japan has no choice but to keep an eye on them…

But the request from the New Zealand government is merely that, it’s jusdt a request, it’s not a legal right.”


“Well again, the, the exclusive economic zone  – ah, Japan’s vessels,   and any bodies,  and any other vessels has a right to enter anyone’s ah, exclusive economic zone.”

This is an affront to our notions of sovereignty.

The “Institute of Cetacean Research” should be put on notice that it is on shaky ground and could be complicit in any further illegal activities by whalers. Perhaps they should just be closed down and their lackey,  public relations agent Glenn Inwood, sent packing. Listen to his arrogance here,


Japan's whaling research body responds to Foreign Minister(Please click on image – and let me know if it doesn’t work for you!)


Inwood’s arrogance is breath-taking! In a few sentences he has ripped away the sovereignty of the country he was born is, in favour of Japanese hegemony (the country now paying his salary).  I would not be unhappy if this fellow packed his bag and buggered of. Good riddance.

Murray McCully was right to describe Japan’s whaling activities  as repugnant by the vast majority of New Zealanders.

Now Minister McCully has to follow up with action. Next time, no stuffing around; send in the Navy. Sink the bastards.





Radio NZ: Diplomat summoned over Japan whaling

Radio NZ Audio: Minister says Japanese whaling ships in EEZ disrespectful

Forbes: The Japan-China Territorial Dispute is Serious, and Escalating







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  1. Mooloo magic
    16 February 2014 at 11:07 am

    McCully will only make meek and inoffensive statements regarding Japanese whaling for fear of offending the Japanese. This a government whose foreign policy is meek and mild designed not to offend especially Washington, Canberra, London, Beijing and Tokyo. McCully is an embarrassment as Minister of Foreign affairs and he seems only interested in touring various capitals and enjoying expensive hotels, food and wine at the tax payers’ expense, Arguably New Zealand’s most feeble ineffectual Ministry of Foreign Affairs who like Key is not subjected to any scrutiny by a complicit mainstream media.

    • 16 February 2014 at 11:40 am

      Indeed, Mooloo.

      It will be interesting to see if the Japanese repeat their incursion into our EEZ waters. Mouthpiece for Japanese whalers, Glenn Inwood, said they would if they deemed it necessary.

      If that happens, then the Nats are revealed as the ineffectual “government” that they are.

      • Priss
        17 February 2014 at 5:45 pm


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