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Metiria Turei’s Waitangi Day speech on Te Tii Marae at the powhiri for party leaders

– Metiria Turei, Green Party Co-Leader

Metiria Turei.


Tēnēi au e tū whakaiti nei i raro i a Ranginui, i runga i a Papatuānuku, e titiro kau ana ki ngā maunga whakahi me ngā tini uri o Tane.

Ki a koutou o Ngati Rahiri, o Ngā Puhi-nui-tonu, e rere haere ngā mihi o mātou Te Rōpū Kākāriki ki a koutou mō tō manaakitanga ki a mātou i tēnēi wiki.

Kua tae mai mātou ki te mahara, ki te maumahara, ki te whakanui i tēnēi taonga o a tātou, Te Tiriti o Waitangi me He Wakaputanga o te Rangatiratanga.

Ko te whakahonoretanga o Te Tiriti tētahi wāhanga whakahirahira rawa atu o te kawenata o ngā Kākāriki.

Mihi mai i runga i te kaupapa e whakakōtahi nei i a tātou, arā te oranga o a tātou whānau me te whenua o a tātou tūpuna.

Kua tatanga ahau me tōku pāti ki te noho ki te tepu o te kāwanatanga mō te huanga o tātou te iwi Māori.

Kāore e mutu ngā mihi ki a koutou i tō manaakitanga ki a mātou i tēnēi rā.

He honore nui mōku ki te korero ki a koutou i tēnēi rā ki te whakanui i tēnēi rā.

It is an extraordinary honour to speak here today.

This is an historic opportunity for me, as a Māori woman and political leader and for the Green Party, the most consistent voice in parliament for the interests of Maori over the past 15 years.

Getting our kids out of poverty; protecting the moana from deep sea oil drilling; warm healthy homes for every whānau; honouring te tiriti o waitangi; this is the Green kaupapa, my kaupapa.

And it’s urgent. For every day that goes by more of our kids are being robbed of their future.

Deep sea oil drilling robs our kids. It robs them of a clean ocean, of safe food, of sustainable jobs when they grow up.

The Greens are the leading political voice in the fight to protect our oceans.

The Treaty guarantees our children the right to clean and oil free seas.

The education system still denies rangatahi an education and traps them in poverty, robbing them of a fair future.

The international results showed that only 4.5 per cent of Māori 15 year olds achieved in the top two levels in 2012.

We could gather up the first hundred kids we see running around this atea; we take just five and say “you will achieve and do well”.

The rest, well, some will struggle through. And many will not make it at all.

And it’s getting worse. Our kids are now much less likely to achieve at the top levels of school than they were before National came to power.

National refuses to do anything about the reasons for educational underachievement: inequality and poverty.

And when they are challenged on this failure, they make personal attacks.

But offer no solutions for our kids.

The Treaty guarantees our children the right to an education.

The Greens put kids at the heart of everything we do. And that’s the difference we bring.

We know that if the most vulnerable kids have what they need to do well, like healthcare, free lunch, after school care, then every single one of our kids will have the best chance to be the best they can be.
We will protect our workers, increasing the minimum wage and making industries like forestry safer, so men stop dying trying to make ends meet for their whānau.

We are committed to honouring the treaty, honouring our people and honouring our whenua.

The Green Party will sit at the heart of the next progressive government.

We will have a big role to play in that government.

For Maori, it’s worth remembering that a party vote for the Green Party is the best opportunity you have to have a say at that table and change the government on behalf of our kids.
A vote for the Green Party will not be a wasted vote, like it could be for some of those other parties.

Soon, I will be the only Māori woman leader in parliament.

I help lead a whole team of MPs who are all committed to addressing inequality, righting the wrongs of the past, fighting for clean water and fighting for all our whānau to lead good lives and have a fair future.

The message this election year is clear.
National’s time is up. The time of the radical right making laws for their rich mates is over.

This is the message the country is sending, that Maori are sending.
My presence here today is evidence of that.
The time for our children, for our whānau, for our whenua is here.

National may not like it. They will lash out with venom and bitterness.

They will reduce the most pressing issues our kids face to being about the colour of my suits, but to do so they let all New Zealanders down, particularly Maori, and particularly kids.

But whether the message is delivered by a Maori woman standing in jandals or a Maori woman in a suit, make no mistake, change is coming.

And that change is Green.

Kāore e mutu ngā mihi ki a koutou i tō manaakitanga ki a mātou i tēnēi rā.

He honore nui mōku ki te korero ki a koutou I tēnēi rā. Tena koutou katoa.





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Mark this date: 31 January 2014

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First, a bit of a history re-fresher. This from Dear Leader Key, on 29 January 2008,



“Why, after eight years of Labour, are we paying the second-highest interest rates in the developed world?
Why can’t our hardworking kids afford to buy their own house?
Mortgage rates are rocketing upwards…
We know Kiwis are suffocating under the burden of rising mortgage payments and interest rates…”


The latest from the Reserve Bank of NZ, as reported on Radio NZ,


Reserve Bank governor confirms rate rise


From TV3,

The Reserve Bank Governor also confirmed that he expects to increase interest rates “soon”, to ensure growth is sustainable in the face of increasing inflationary pressure and an expanding economy.


“In such an environment, there is a need to return interest rates to more normal levels and the Bank expects to begin this adjustment soon.”

In its December Monetary Policy Statement, the bank suggested the Official Cash Rate will need to rise about 2 percentage points over the next two years.

From TV1,

Wheeler kept the OCR at a record-low 2.5 percent yesterday, while signalling an increase would come soon to damp down building inflation over the next two years.

Today, he said the complexity of the current inflation environment was increased by 40-year high terms of trade, the elevated exchange rate, the reallocation of resources for construction in Christchurch and Auckland, rising consumer demand, increased net migration and the US Federal Reserve’s scaling back of its quantitative easing.

From the NZ Herald,

A rise in the official cash rate in March is nearly certain – barring some meltdown in the global economy – after the Reserve Bank left it on hold at 2.5 per cent yesterday but its accompanying statement displayed all the talons, beak and plumage of a hawk.“There is a need to return interest rates to more normal levels,” governor Graeme Wheeler said. “The bank expects to start this adjustment soon.”

It expects economic growth to continue at a rate of around 3.5 per cent over the coming year, an upward revision from around 3 per cent in its December forecasts, propelled by “very high” export commodity prices and a “rapid” rise in net immigration, on top of increasing construction activity in Canterbury and Auckland.

While a strong dollar has helped moderate inflation, the bank reiterated its view that the exchange rate is higher than is sustainable in the long run.

It expects inflation pressure to increase over the next two years, citing surveyed pricing intentions by firms and rising construction costs.

It is “committed” to increasing the OCR – a semantic upgrade from plain “will” six weeks ago – as needed to keep future average inflation near the 2 per cent mid-point of its target band.

Point #1: As of 31 January 2014,  the RBNZ announced it will be raising interest rates in March this year (barring a catastrophic international financial meltdown).

Point #2: The current government is National, led by Dear Leader John Key..

Point #3: There is likely to be a change in government later this year.

Question: How long will it be before the first right wing blogger, media, commentator, and Uncle Tom Cobbly, blames the new, incoming Labour-led government for interest rates climbing to an expected 7.5% to 8%?

Mark my words; the Right will attempt to shift blame for high interest rates on the next government.

Unless the next government is still National.

In which case, they’ll blame it on the previous Labour government.  This is called “Playing the Blame-Game“, according to right-wing rules.

Are we clear on this?





John Key website:  SPEECH: 2008: A Fresh Start for New Zealand Bernard Hickey looks at what the Reserve Bank’s Monetary Policy Statement means for mortgage rates and house prices

NZ Herald: OCR stays at 2.5pc – hikes coming soon

Radio NZ: Reserve Bank governor confirms rate rise

Dominion Post: Growth, inflation greater than expected

TV1: Inflationary pressures an important risk – Wheeler

TV3: Economy, inflation growing faster than predicted

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This blogpost was first published on The Daily Blog on 1 February 2014.



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