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The Power of your Vote (part tahi)


Russell Brand "I don't vote"


I watched the Brand video

He’s a passionate man.

Passionate in defending his own style of apathy.

Let me repeat; non-voting will help no one except the 1%. They, and their aspirationist, middle-class, supporters WILL vote.

And things like beneficiary bashing; removing worker’s rights; undermining unions; mining in DoC land; deep sea drilling; selling state assets (again to the 1%); tax cuts for the wealthy; increased GST and user-pays for the poor; more corporate welfare; increasing police powers and state surveillance; weakening environment protection laws;  forcing tenants out of state houses; higher prescription charges; etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc… these will all continue.

Because as sure as the sun rises each morning, the Right Wing understand the power of the vote.

Why do you think you NEVER see right-wingers advocating non-voting?


No surrender

Above image acknowledgment: Francis Owen



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