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Letter to the Editor: More arrogance from an increasingly authoritarian PM!




FROM:     "f.macskasy" 
SUBJECT: Letter to the Editor
DATE:      Tue, 17 Dec 2013 09:02:11 +1300
TO:     "the listener <letters@listener.co.nz>


The Editor
The Listener

What is it with the Prime Minister?

Firstly he casually and arrogantly dismissed the recent
asset sales referendum;

"Well, the numbers don’t look like they’re that
significant. I mean at the moment it’s sitting at around
about 40 per cent.     That’s not absolutely amazing,
it’s not overwhelmingly opposed."

Then he launches into an unprovoked, nasty,  diatribe against Hone
Harawira for attending Mandela's funeral;

"This is a guy that went to South Africa on a jolly and
shouldn't be billing the taxpayer for it. The bottom line is
we took a delegation - whether he likes it or not - that
represented, in our view, the right mix. I personally don't
believe there was a role for him to go to South Africa."

Despite the fact that Harawira was one of the leaders in the
1981  anti-tour movement?

Unlike Jim Bolger and Don McKinnon who both supported it.

At least Harawira remembered which side he was on, unlike
our amnesia-afflicted prime minister.

It seems that as we get closer to next year's election, Key
is showing signs of stress and outbursts of anger.

Just as well Key  said he will resign as National's leader
if they lost the election. He is  clearly losing the plot.

-Frank Macskasy
(address & phone number supplied)





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