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Random Thoughts on Random Things #3…

Why is it…

That drug testing the unemployed is seen by National Ministers as a good thing…


Fail a drugs test and lose your benefit, job seekers warned

By Isaac Davison @Isaac_Davison

5:30 AM Monday Jul 2, 2012
Minister for Social Development Paula Bennett. Photo / Natalie Slade

Beneficiaries who refuse or fail drug tests while applying for jobs will have their welfare cut from mid-2013 under the Government’s next round of welfare reforms.

The National-led Government says there are now no consequences for drug-takers who opted out of job applications when faced with a drug test.

Social Development Minister Paula Bennett told the Herald the new Welfare Reform Bill would have new requirements for drug testing, but the finer details were still being finalised.

National’s pre-election policy document said beneficiaries who did not apply for a job because a prospective employer asked them to take a drug test would have their benefit cancelled.

If they took the drug test and failed it, they would also be sanctioned.

Source: NZ Herald


… But drug testing the Police (who regularly have access to lethal weapons), is a big No-No?


Police minister says no to drug tests at work

Updated at 7:38 pm on 17 October 2013

Police Minister Anne Tolley says police staff should not be drug-tested in the workplace.

Her comment came after a police prosecutor on Thursday admitted charges of using and possessing methamphetamine, and using cannabis.

Anne Tolley.


Brent Thomson posted videos of himself using methamphetamine, and blogs describing his use of drugs at sex parties in April and May, online.

Police found a small amount of the drug “P” and syringes when they searched the 49-year-old’s home. He is seeking a discharge without conviction in the Waitakere District Court.

Thomson, who worked mainly in the Family Violence Court and the Auckland District Court, is also subject to an employment investigation.

Anne Tolley says the overwhelming majority of police staff are doing a fantastic job and they should not face workplace drug testing. She says police are quick to prosecute their own if there is any wrongdoing.

The Police Association agrees that staff shouldn’t be given workplace drug tests. President Greg O’Connor says the public should be re-assured by the systems that police already have.

Source: Radio NZ


All together now; H… Y… P… O… C… R… I… S… Y.

Yep, hypocrisy.  National has it mastered to a fine art.

With a good helping of beneficiary bashing.

Because if you, as a government can’t fire up the economy to create jobs and reduce unemployment (as we had under the previous Labour-led government), then the next “best” thing is to paint the unemployed as “lazy druggies”. If enough of the middle class (those who  still have jobs or don’t regularly associate with unemployed friends and family) swallow this mindless pap, then that translates nicely into votes at election time.

Never underestimate the power of demonising a minority – especially if there are votes in it.

Just ask any old historian familiar with Germany in the 1920s and 30s…








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  1. Jo
    21 October 2013 at 3:32 pm

    Absolute bullshit. Drug testing in only in place for benficiares if the employer requests it (about 40%) If they fail they have to retake it and pass. How can someone who’s drugged up search for a job effectively? Why victimise the Police for one bad apple? At least research your info before pontificating.

  2. Zippy
    29 October 2013 at 6:07 pm

    What about bosses and middle managers who turn up to work after “late lunches” totally pissed out of their gourds? Do they get alcohol tested? And I wonder how many have snorted a line before coming back from “doing lunch” with clients? That’s the thing about stimatising beneficiaries, it lets everyone else off the hook. It’s easier to equate being on welfare with drugs and booze, as that is the current stereotype, and simple people like Jo above buy into the government spin.

    Jo, have you ever wondered how a beneficiary on $200 a week can afford drugs after they paid the rent, power, phone, food, Etc? Or doesn’t that factor in with your impression of bludging benes?

  3. 7 November 2013 at 10:36 am

    Why insist on drug testing for beneficiaries only Jo?? That’s nothing but stigmatising a group while letting the cops off the hook. Considering that police have access to guns, you’d think that drug testing should be mandatory for them?

    It seems that you’re ok with discriminating against the unemployed, solo-parents, etc, but willing to let others get away with being drugged up at work?

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  2. 2 October 2015 at 8:01 am

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