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How can you tell John Key is lying?

… His lips are moving.

Ok, it’s an old, old joke.

But it seems to be a truism more and more each day, as his shonkey government flounders, that he is resorting to untruths in panic and desperation.

A recent example, as reported on Radio NZ on 10 September,

Key predicts new Labour leader will take party to left


“It’s very important to understand whose voting. It’s not New Zealand mums or dads that are voting. It’s actually the union movement and they will want payback time when he becomes the leader and that means a big move to the left. And ultimately I think that will have quite a negative impact on jobs and growth for the economy.”

Source: Radio NZ

As the RNZ report went on to state, “under the Labour party’s new rules, unions get only a fifth of vote“.

40% of the vote –  nearly half – will be from  New Zealand mums or dads  that are voting (or those who are members of the Labour Party).

So once again, Dear Leader is caught out fibbing to the media and the public.

Which is interesting and ties in with a chat I was having at a Dunedin New World supermarket last night (11 Sept). Two young check-out operators noticed my “no asset sales” sticker on my satchel and we starting chatting about the Labour party leadership contest. For two young teenagers (17? 18?) they seemed remarkably well-versed in who the candidates were and their personal preferences. Then the subject got on to John Key.

The opinions of these two young women was simple; they did not trust him one bit. They also could not understand why he was so popular with the public. One remarked that his “body language” alone showed he was being dishonest when speaking to the media. The other was put off by his “we-know-best” arrogance.

In my travels, I’m meeting more and more people who are disenchanted and disillusioned with our current truth-bending Prime Minister. People are not fools and eventually pick up on a politician’s propensity for spinning BS.

But here’s a question for Mr Key; when will he allow the rank and file membership  to vote to choose the leader of the National Party?

Because under current National Party rules,  “mums and dads” have no say on the matter.

This blogpost was first published on The Daily Blog on 13 September 2013.



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  1. Theodore
    17 September 2013 at 2:36 pm

    Only true-blue tories believe anything Key says. The rest of us roll our eyes at his lies and mis-representing issues. His assertion that Chorus would go bankrupt without a $30 million government subsidy is just another of his porkies.

    Another day, another lie from John Key.

  2. Priss
    18 September 2013 at 6:31 am

    What is even worse is that the media doesn’t pick up on his lies. Are they so taken in by this charismatic fraud?

    Labour’s voting system is fairly well know by now so for Key to get away with this kind of dishonest misrepresentation is inexplicable. The media is not doing their job!!

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