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Peter Dunne – willing seller & buyer


NZ spy agencies need urgent review

Source: Marlborough Express – NZ spy agencies need urgent review


Peter Dunne and John Key are knocking back a couple of 100 year old scotches from Dear Leader’s private stock. They’re both pissed, and Key looks at Dunne and asks,

“Peter, would you bend over my Prime Ministerial desk and let met shag you from behind, if I paid you a million bucks?”

Peter Dunne – knowing that Key can afford a million dollars from his “Uncle Scrooge” petty cash tin, and considering how useful that money would be for next year’s election campaign replies,

“Why, yes, I would, John.”

Key grins slyly and carries on,

“Peter, what if I paid you half a million? Would that still be ok with you for a bit of rear-rogering?”

Dunne is a bit deflated. Half a million is not as much as a full million… but still, it’s better than nothing to fund his campaign.

He replies,

“Sure, John. Half a million would be ok, I guess,” and stands up to undo his belt.

“What about fifty bucks?” asks Key, downing the last of his glass of $50K-per-bottle scotch.

Dunne, fuming, screams at him,

“What?! Fifty bucks?!?! What do you take me for?!!!”

Key cooly replies,

“Oh, I think we both know what you are. We’re just haggling for the price, now…”

(With apologies – I know it’s an old joke…)



= fs =

  1. mcclairy
    23 August 2013 at 8:44 am

    What made Dunne do it after the Vance fiasco and the outing of “insiders” – all the way up to Key – who illegally gave the go ahead to access their emails – oh yes – couldn’t open them ? Yeah, right.
    Bribery – a cushie job at one of the embassies ? Or Blackmail ? What a sordid Natz government. Methinks Key may yet become too confident and eventually hoisted by his own petard – or should that be an “own goal” and then the house of cards comes tumbling down. “A willing buyer and a willing seller” gave the game away of a dirty ‘dunne’ deal.

  2. Deborah Kean
    23 August 2013 at 11:36 pm

    Oh so true! 😀

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