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Gen Zero at the Bucket Fountain: “What’s the hold-up?”


what's the hold-up


A statement from the Generation Zero website,

Right now, we have the opportunity to lead the way to a safe climate future. The evidence shows it’s 100% possible to create a thriving New Zealand beyond fossil fuels. So what’s the holdup?

We need leadership at every level, from our communities to the politicians we choose to elect. That’s why Generation Zero brings you ‘What’s the Holdup?’, a nationwide speaking tour connecting climate solutions with the people to make them happen.

We’ll be presenting smart energy and transport solutions, discussing obstacles, and showcasing New Zealand’s opportunities to move beyond fossil fuels. Our speakers include high profile experts and young Kiwis who are working on solutions. Join us to find out how we can get moving on climate change, and create a smart, healthy and prosperous Aotearoa beyond fossil fuels.”

We believe that we’re at a crossroads, and that we can choose to make a story that’s worth telling. We’ll make it happen, but only if we all work together!


NZ, Wellington, 10 August – Generation Zero activists were at the  Cuba Mall’s Bucket Fountain, promoting their nationwide speaking tour “on getting New Zealand moving on climate change”.

The first thing to catch my attention, was this message on the Mall’s brickwork pavement,




… followed by a Godzilla-sized Godzilla towering over-head.  A great eye-catching, attention-grabbing technique to arouse the attention of passers-by,




Paul and one of his colleagues in the “gen Zero” movement proudly displaying their banner for passers-by,




Spokesperson for the group, Paul said,

“We’re here  promoting the nationwide speaking tour which is coming to Wellington on Monday. And we’re been travelling around the country talking to people about  getting New Zealand moving on climate change and the opportuinities we’ve got to do that.”

I asked Paul about Fonterra and how it relates to our environment,

He said,

“I think it just just shows, you know, that we need to start diversifying our economy a bit  and not depending so much on one industry. It’s risky, and moving into the future we really need to be looking at the opportunities of a low carbon economy. And there’s alot of benefits to that, as I think the Fonterra saga demonstrates.”

I referred to the brand that New Zealand has built on the “100% pure” image, and asked Paul his views on that issue,

Paul responded,

“We’ve been riding on this reputation that we haven’t been living up to and it’s going to come back to bite us, well  it is coming back to bite us now. And we need to start taking it seriously.”

The enthusiastic team from Gen Zero were handing out leaflets, informing the public of an upcoming public meeting;


leaflet 1


The local body elections – due in October – will be an ideal for people to make thier concerns known to candidates – and to vote accordingly.


leaflet 2


Gen Zero’s public tour of speaking engagements are listed below.  They invite all New Zealanders to take part, as environmental problems affect our country more and more;

Join our nationwide tour getting NZ moving on climate change.
13 events Dunedin to Auckland, July 15th to August 6th
Free entry and free food. See below for exact locations & dates
RSVP now at http://generationzero.org.nz/whatstheholdup

Did you know?
– NZ’s wind energy potential is 3 times our total electricity demand.
– 95% of Kiwis could do their average daily travel in the range of electric cars available today.
– Denmark has a plan to be fossil fuel free by 2050, and achieving this will only cost 0.5% of their GDP.

It’s 100% possible to build a thriving New Zealand beyond fossil fuels. So what’s the hold up?

We need leadership at every level, from our communities to the politicians we elect. Generation Zero brings you “What’s the Holdup?”, a nationwide speaking tour showcasing New Zealand’s opportunities to move beyond fossil fuels. Together we can create a smart, healthy and prosperous Aotearoa beyond fossil fuels.

RSVP now at www.generationzero.org.nz/whatstheholdup!


Speaking tour map


Environmental issues affect us all. The recent Fonterra fiasco shows how fragile our “clean and green” reputation can be. This is becoming a problem of crisis-like proportions as the international community becomes more and more aware that our “100% Pure” brand has been built on a lie.


Sri Lanka demands DCD testing on NZ milk powder


Faith in New Zealand 'shattered'


New Zealand's Environment-Friendly Image Marred By Dairy Contamination


New Zealand's green claims are pure manure


This country will be in even deeper trouble if we do nothing.

Gen Zero is doing it’s bit.

This blogpost was first published on The Daily Blog on 11 August 2013.




See also

Website: Generation Zero

Facebook:  Generation Zero

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  1. Kay Tee
    14 August 2013 at 2:09 pm

    It had to happen sooner or later, our great “clean & green” scam would be found it by the global community. There goes our tourism industry down the toilet, and National is complicit in the damage to our international reputation.

    We are paying the price for Key’s reliance on dairying.

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