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Helen Clark – reminding Key & Co what’s important


Tackling unemployment would be Clark's priority

Source: Radio NZ –  Tackling unemployment would be Clark’s priority

Listen: Radio NZ – Helen Clark on Sunday Morning


No doubt John Key will make some derisory, dismissive response to Ms Clark’s justified concerns.  He’ll conveniently forget that under Labour, unemployment dropped to record lows;


New Zealand Unemployed Persons 2008 - 2012

Source:  New Zealand Unemployed Persons


new zealand unemployment rate 2002 - 2012

Source: New Zealand Unemployed Rate


Of course, there was the Global Financial Crisis and the resultant recession, but…

  1. That same rationale is not extended to the unemployed, solo-mums, and others, who are painted as wilfull “dole bludgers”, “druggies”/”alcoholics”/”gamblers”, “work shy”, “irresponsible breeders”, etc, by Bennett, Key, and other National  Ministers. For them, the excuse of a global crisis that destroyed millions of jobs doesn’t factor in (see:  World unemployment figures set to rise in 2013, claims UN labour agency).
  2. Aside from the Christchurch re-build National has done very little to implement job creation policies. A buy-NZ for governmenment procurement would help boost employment, instead of sending jobs overseas by buying from low-wage societies.
  3. Job training and upskilling of unemployed has been so poor that workers from overseas are being brought into the country to make up for a skills-shortage.
  4. Even a project such as the dodgy Skycity convention centre appears to have  over-inflated job numbers. (see: Puzzle of Key’s extra casino jobs)

So before Key predictably opens his mouth and blames others for our chronically high unemployment rate, he could do well to ponder these points.

Anyway, when it suits Key, he is only too happy to invoke Ms Clark’s well-deserved reputation as an effective Prime Minister. Note his constant references to the former Prime Minister when it suits him – especially over the GCSB and associated legislation;

“That is just the way things are,” he said. “We live in a global environment where there are real threats, that’s the point we make with the GCSB legislation, it is why Helen Clark passed the legislation in 2003.”


“It is obviously small numbers but there are small numbers of radicalised New Zealanders, who have either gone over into those environments or returned, and I don’t think this is terribly new, I suspect Helen Clark would have signed warrants as well.”

Source: TVNZ – Spy law legislation passes second reading

If Key is finding it chilly right about now, it’s because he is standing in the the shadow of his predecessor. Ms Clark certainly did not repeatedly blame others for her failings.

Something else Key might consider.


key and Woman's Weekly


This blogpost was first published on The Daily Blog on 7 August 2013.



= fs =

  1. David H
    11 August 2013 at 10:02 am

    Helen Clarke is everything that Shonkey wants to be.
    Well liked
    a humanitarian
    is successful in her chosen field.
    Will be well thought of as an Ex PM.

    Compared to kEY
    Money trader
    Will be the butt of jokes

    • 11 August 2013 at 10:12 am

      I couldn’t add another word to your sentiments, David. well said.

    • Mooloo magic
      11 August 2013 at 4:41 pm

      David H,Succinct but brilliant

  2. 11 August 2013 at 1:14 pm

    But how will history remember him? The politician who really stuffed up NZ with help from Fonterra?

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