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Resistance 101 (Action #2)




This is a very simple form of subversion and direct action resistance.

Do you have old copies of environmental, union, or political magazines you no longer want? Magazines from Greenpeace, Forest & Bird, Service & Foodworkers Union, Unite!, Socialist Action, The Greens, etc, etc, etc?

 Don’t throw them away. Don’t throw them in the recycling.

Take them to waiting rooms at medical clinics; garages; and anywhere else that has a waiting room with magazines for people to read.

In effect, you will be spreading the message to other people who otherwise may not ever have read those magazines. They may only look at a few pages, but the seed will be planted in their minds; there are other views for consideration.

Subversion can be as subtle as people reading something new.

Easy peasy.




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Wanted: Your Ideas

Do you have useful ideas what people can do to mount peaceful resistance against this increasingly fascist government, and it’s patently dishonest leader?

Why not share them far and wide.

Email me with your thoughts as to practical (or non-practical!) ways to mount resistance to this current regime.

The only provisos being,

  1. They must be non-violent.
  2. Nothing overtly destructive or dangerous to human life (or our animal friends). We want to resist – not strengthen – this rotten government.
  3. Stuff that people can do, either individually or in groups.

It is time for peaceful resistance – because despite what the words in our anthem says, ‘god’ will not defend our free land. We have to do that ourselves.

Email me at fmacskasy@yahoo.com or contact me on Facebook. (If you can write your own piece – all the better, so I can post it quickly, rather than me putting it together.)

-Frank Macskasy






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