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Radio NZ: Focus on Politics for 2 August 2013


– Focus on Politics –


– Friday 2 August 2013 –


– Brent Edwards –


A weekly analysis of significant political issues.

Friday after 6:30pm and Saturday at 5:10pm

The Prime Minister remained defiant this week despite evidence emerging his office had pressured the Parliamentary Service to release phone records to the inquiry into the leak of the Kitteridge report on the GCSB.


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Citizen A: With Martyn Bradbury, Marama Davidson, & Colin Craig

2 August 2013 3 comments

– Citizen A –

– 1 August 2013 –

– Marama Davidson, & Colin Craig –

This week on Citizen A host Martyn Bradbury, Marama Davidson, and Colin Craig debate the following issues:

  • What do the revelations about possible spying on journalists Andrea Vance & Jon Stephenson tell us about the state of NZ Democracy in the week the GCSB Bill passes its second reading?
  • Should foreigners be able to buy land in NZ?
  • Should religious education be part of State schools?

Citizen A broadcasts weekly on FaceTV and webcasts on The Daily Blog,   and

Citizen A broadcasts weekly on FaceTV and webcasts on The Daily Blog, & – See more at:



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The Daily Blog



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Guest Author: Resistance 101 (Action #1)

– Linda Miller


Rally for Democracy


Over the last few days, we have seen the Dictator Key oppose the will of the People yet again.

We have fought a dozen “single issue” campaigns, fighting asset sales, the undermining of the social safety net, and fighting attacks on quality education. Now, we see John Key attempting to ram through legislation approving blanket spying on all New Zealanders at the behest of the United States Government. This is the last straw.

It is now clear, we are dealing with a rogue government, and a rogue political party.

It is the government, and the National Party itself which is the issue.

At last, we realise, as important as protests are, they are not enough. That in a Democracy, Dictators must be thrown out by the People, campaigning against them in every electorate, while it is still possible, in order to avoid worse.

We realise we must now organise in every one of New Zealand’s national electorates to campaign against the MP’s who are ignoring us. We must get them out of office.

Our strategy: to begin fighting the 2014 election now, by putting up posters, handing out fliers, creating banners, organise rallies, doing door-knocking, and speaking to our sleepy neighbors, explaining to them what is going on.

You may find yourself alone in your electorate. The task may seem overwhelming. But it is not, if you make it your first task to find like-minded friends to help you.

Schedule a meeting in your house and invite all of your friends. Pledge to keep meeting once a week, and grow your group, till you need to meet in local halls.

Make it your goal to keep campaigning against your MP in your electorate until everyone you know is opposed to them. Keep this up until the election.

Know your local political geography. Support your neighbouring electorates in their struggle. Combine efforts. Determine to win everywhere, and throw out ever MP who is in any way soft on these issues.

If you do this, you will certainly win. But we need to ask, what will we win, if all we plan to do is throw out our local sitting MP?

If that is all we aim for, we may win this battle, only to discover that another unaccountable MP is elected instead. What good is it if we simply replace one rubber-stamp party-politician with another rubber-stamp party-politician?

Unless we create some kind of permanent democratic organisation in our electorates, which hold all politicians accountable, it will be no time at all before we are back in the situation of needing to organise more protests, more campaigns and so on. Nothing will have changed at all.

There is only one permanent solution to this dilemma; we must form local Democratic Councils in every electorate.

A Democratic Council is made up of local residents in an electorate who meet fortnightly in an open forum to decide political matters affecting the electorate and the nation. Local Democratic Councils are non-partisan, meaning that party politics is not allowed. Any legal resident of the electorate can participate, and if you don’t show up, you have no voice.

A local Democratic Council is a People’s governing body. It “shadows” local government, by being parallel but separate to it, and by keeping it honest and accountable. LDC’s are in fact the source of all power in a true democracy, where the people are awake.

A local Democratic Council is empowered to make decisions, based on the number of citizens and residents who actively support it. If it is strong, it can make wise decisions, and those decisions will be listened to by other bodies and by the MP. If its decisions are not respected by an MP, the MP will know that the Democratic Council can always vote to organise against them. Eventually, the MP will learn that their power is derived from the People, and the voice of the People in every electorate is the voice of the Local Democratic Council.

This is pure Democracy. It doesn’t get any better than this.

It is easier to create and support a Local Democratic Council and keep it running smoothly, than it is to keep organising protest after protest after protest. Local Democratic Councils are the solution to the problem of being ignored.

If you want true democracy, and a say in what happens to you and your children in this country, you, we, all need to realise, protesting is never enough, and petitions are never enough.

I for one am sick of being ignored, and sick of begging. Our rights and our futures will never be safe until we begin to form Local Democratic Councils.

– Linda Miller

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Wanted: Your Ideas

Do you have useful ideas what people can do to mount peaceful resistance against this increasingly fascist government, and it’s patently dishonest leader?

Why not share them far and wide.

Email me with your thoughts as to practical (or non-practical!) ways to mount resistance to this current regime.

The only provisos being,

  1. They must be non-violent.
  2. Nothing overtly destructive or dangerous to human life (or our animal friends). We want to resist – not strengthen – this rotten government.
  3. Stuff that people can do, either individually or in groups.

It is time for peaceful resistance – because despite what the words in our anthem says, ‘god’ will not defend our free land. We have to do that ourselves.

Email me at or contact me on Facebook. (If you can write your own piece – all the better, so I can post it quickly, rather than me putting it together.)

-Frank Macskasy




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An Open Message to the GCSB, SIS, NSA, and Uncle Tom Cobbly…

2 August 2013 12 comments




Just to let any spooks who may be monitoring my blogging activities;

  1. I don’t know who “Anonymous NZ” is – but they have my 101% support.
  2. Expect public resistance to state surveillance to grow.
  3. I encourage all GCSB and SIS operatives here in NZ (and abroad) to take Edward Snowden’s lead and to disclose information to the media.

All around the world, people are waking up to the growth of secret surveillance and other State power. And they don’t like it. Not one bit.

So, Mr and Ms X from the GCSB, SIS, NZ Defence Force, Police, etc – whose side will you be on?

It seems that someone within the NZ Defence Force has had their conscience pricked. They can no longer stomach the deceit and threat to democracy that is going on within our military;


Ex-Defence boss - Journalists not the 'enemy'

Source: NZ Herald – Ex-Defence boss: Journalists not the ‘enemy


Whoever leaked the NZDF Security Manual is nothing less than a hero of the people. This person – whoever she or he is – has an allegiance and loyalty far greater than to a state organisation – Mr/Ms X is loyal to their fellow New Zealanders.

Heroes like Bradley Manning and  Edward Snowden.

I implore workers at our spy agencies, and NZDF; draw aside the curtains of secrecy. The sunlight of public attention, as they say, is the best disinfectant of all. Let that leak become a torrent of information.

If history has demonstrated anything, it is that State power is fleeting and cannot withstand the will of the people. Whether it is the dismantling of the apartheid regime in South Africa; the fall of repressive dictatorships in Algeria, Tunisia, and Libya; or the collapse of the USSR – state power cannot endure where it does not have the respect of the people.

To the workers at the GCSB, SIS, et al,  – tear down this “house of cards”;  show the people whose side you are on. Will you prop up a  self-serving government of manipulative liars that fears and distrusts the people?

Or will you let your conscience guide you to do the decent thing.

Otherwise – why did we bother to fight nazism all those many years ago? What was the point of many sacrifices made to preserve our freedoms from the power of the State?

Why indeed.

Our grandparents fought oppression with guns, bombs, and bullets.

Today, we must rely on something else, even more powerful. Our consciences.



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