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Facepalm #3: John Key

On TV3 News tonight…


John Key - Kim Dotcom - GCSB

Acknowledgement: TV3 – Did Key lie, or is Dotcom bluffing?


One of the worst interviews from Key. His comments had to be heard to be believed…


Did Key lie, or is Dotcom bluffing1

0:45 – “He makes so many claims that are just factually incorrect..”


Not true.

In fact, to date, every claim that Kim Dotcom made in regards to John Banks has been proven to be true. Not one statement from Dotcom has been disproven as a lie.

Either Key was woefully ignorant of this fact – or once again he has deceived the public.


Did Key lie, or is Dotcom bluffing2

0:56 “And to the best of all the records that we’ve checked and we’ve gone extensively through every  record my office holds, there is no evidence that we can point to we’ve heard of the guy, prior to the 19th of January 2012.”


So why does Key have to  go “through every record my office holds ” to answer a simple question whether or not he knew of Kim Dotcom much earlier than he has admitted? Surely he would know this without having to go through his office records?!

Why also is Key referring to “there is no evidence that we can point to we’ve heard of the guy” when his own memory should be sufficient? Why does he need to check if evidence exists or not?

Evidence of what?


Did Key lie, or is Dotcom bluffing3

2:09: “The man is a conspiracy theorist. He makes things up.”


He makes things up“?!?!

Key is accusing other people of “making things up”?!?!

John Key is perhaps the most dishonest Prime Minister we have seen. He bends the truth to suit the situation. He is conveniently forgetful to such a degree that the term “brain fade” has entered common usage. His reputation for making it up as he goes along is now common knowledge.

As I wrote before; Kim Dotcom has been 100% up-front with the people of New Zealand and has never been caught out lying or even bending the truth.

The same cannot be said of John Key or John Banks.


A Special Facepalm for John Key



= fs =

  1. Deborah Kean
    5 July 2013 at 5:17 pm

    Oh yes. John Key is slime. I could not bear to watch that, so I didn’t – you
    are brave!

  2. 7 July 2013 at 10:49 am

    Watch the face at 0.20 to 0.22.

    That is John Key lying.

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