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Radio NZ: Focus on Politics for 28 June 2013


– Focus on Politics –


– Friday 28 June 2013 –


– Brent Edwards –


Starting today, as with Citizen A,  this blog will be posting regular links to  Radio NZ’s Politics on Nine to Noon and Focus on on Politics. This will give visitors to this blog access to three excellent political programmes on one website. Click on the “Broadcast” category at the top navigation bar for past programmes.


Radio NZ logo - Focus on Politics


Click to Listen:  Focus on Politics for 28 June 2013 ( 17′ 31″ )

A weekly analysis of significant political issues. A week after submissions closed on the Government’s new spy legislation there are doubts about whether it has enough support to get it through Parliament.

John Key;

“… and by the way, very senior Labour members within that caucus understand completely the importance of national security and of keeping New Zealanders safe. And the very question they might have to ask themselves if one day there was the equivalent of the Boston Bombings in New Zealand  would they be the very same  Members that would stand up and say they prevented New Zealanders being kept safer than they otherwise could be. No they wouldn’t, they’d run for the hills.”

Acknowledgement: Radio NZ



= fs =

  1. Mick
    1 July 2013 at 4:02 pm

    hey John you forget that even with the most wide spread wire tapping,email prying and surveillance in the history of mankind ,THE BOSTON BOMBING HAPPENED ! Dick head !

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